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Aussie hotels being snapped up by Asian buyers from Hong Kong and Malaysia

Hotel occupancy rates in Australia are highest it has been in decades, driven by a mining-related business travel boom. The potential returns are driving these purchases.


Airbnb gets more U.S. competition as 9flats snaps up iStopOver

9flats is Airbnb's prime competitor in Europe and, unlike copy-cat side Wimdu, has some tested travel minds behind the steering wheel. Look for some fun movement in the U.S. as they begin to seriously compete.


InterContinental to pay half billion dollar dividend and half billion share buyback, too

The move by IHG to shed real estate assets and focus entirely on management contracts has some upsides, but holding on to landmark properties has its benefits, too -- which is why smart people are eager to snap them up.


Hotel guests are attracted by free Wi-Fi and heavy discounts

Guest like to feel that they're not being nickel and dimed, and there's no better way to do that then throw them some free Wi-Fi and an extra night for free.


Infographic: U.S. Hotel bookings look bright for the next year

2012 has been a good year for U.S. hotel bookings, and 2013 promises to be the same.


Corporate hospitality packages doing well at London Olympics

The first time such packages were offered to non-sponsors at Olympics & if it takes off in future, won't be without controversy: are these packages shutting out locals?


Will UK anti-competition ruling change the hotel pricing game?

If the ruling is upheld, then parroted elsewhere, we could see some interesting competition. But that’s a big “if,” as it calls into question whether a seller has the right to establish pricing of its own products through various retail channels.


Where mobile fits into La Quinta Inns’ digital strategy

Most of the hotel marketers are looking to drive app installs, which of course once downloaded on the smartphones, rarely get opened up.


Does anyone care if hotels invest millions in high-end art?

Bragging rights, for now, but as the world becomes more design obsessed, art becomes a differentiating factor for the high end hotel customer.


Happy birthday Holiday Inn! Only two years until you get the AARP rate in your own hotels

From Tennessee back roads to Chinese mountains, the McDonalds of the hotel industry democratized hotel travel and continues to grow today, thanks to a $1 billion facelift in 2007.