Travel Agents Struggle to Market Against Online Travel Giants

When it comes to reaching consumers, travel agencies don't have the resources to fight against travel providers and online booking titans. They need to be more creative with the tools they do have, and many are experimenting on social media and other digital channels.

6 hours ago

New Skift Trends Report: Snapchat and Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands

Visual content creation, curation and distribution presents challenges and opportunities. The best way to deal with the challenges is a consistent, head-on approach to ensure a brand culture that embraces the ins-and-outs of social media engagement and community building.

1 day ago

Video: Points Guy and Airfarewatchdog Debate the State of Loyalty

When it comes to points Vs. price, the starting point is always who's the traveler and who's paying.

5 days ago

The Changing Habits of China’s Millennial Travelers — Digital Marketing News This Week

There are 400 million Chinese millennials. For any marketer still not convinced that China is the future of the travel industry, there are now 400 million reasons to change your mind.

5 days ago

Why Aren’t Any Travel Brands Considered Among the Best on Earth?

We wondered: If travel is one of the biggest industries in the entire world, why aren't any of its brands big enough for these annual lists? We found out there are a few reasons, and a few ways brands can begin to change that.

1 week ago

Moving Hotel Loyalty Beyond Points — Digital Marketing News This Week

Even though Wyndham's attempted "coup" of Starwood members had to be called off, it's a reminder the hospitality industry needs to take a fresh look at the hotel loyalty experience. So far, most of the innovation seems to happening with non-traditional players like HotelTonight and Airbnb.

2 weeks ago

Lastminute Bought WAYN’s Assets for Just $1.2 Million

Despite trying to spin it as a positive move, WAYN was heading towards oblivion until lastminute.com group stepped in. Are those 20 million registered users worth $1.2 million or will the deal prove a costly mistake?

2 weeks ago

Travel Brands’ Social Media Advertising Matures — Digital Marketing News This Week

Social media players like Facebook and Snapchat have had lots of of success capturing bigger shares of travel marketers' advertising budgets. But if they really want to earn the big money traditionally saved for TV campaigns, they'll need to evolve beyond the "social" label.

3 weeks ago


How the Founder and CEO of Obvious.ly has Embraced the Freedom to be Extraordinary

Obvious.ly founder and CEO Mae Karwowski knows a thing or two about creating a dynamic social experience for brands. The entrepreneur is now in the process of mastering how to successfully run and scale a business on her terms, while continuing to fuel her passion for social media.

3 weeks ago

Anthony Bourdain and President Obama on Parts Unknown Season Premiere

While we'd love to have time with the president, choosing between him and a freshly cooked meal in Vietnam would be tough. Lucky for Bourdain he didn't have to choose.

1 month ago

Can a Tourism Campaign Be Too Successful? — Digital Marketing News This Week

Norway is struggling with the challenge of too much tourism. It's not alone.

1 month ago

Travel Brands Are Betting on the Future of Mobile Virtual Reality

Many travel brands across various sectors of the industry have experimented with producing virtual reality content. The format is likely to remain a niche attraction until more consumers buy, and actually use, virtual reality headsets.

1 month ago