Anthony Bourdain and President Obama on Parts Unknown Season Premiere

While we'd love to have time with the president, choosing between him and a freshly cooked meal in Vietnam would be tough. Lucky for Bourdain he didn't have to choose.

5 days ago

Can a Tourism Campaign Be Too Successful? — Digital Marketing News This Week

Norway is struggling with the challenge of too much tourism. It's not alone.

1 week ago

Travel Brands Are Betting on the Future of Mobile Virtual Reality

Many travel brands across various sectors of the industry have experimented with producing virtual reality content. The format is likely to remain a niche attraction until more consumers buy, and actually use, virtual reality headsets.

1 week ago

Travel Social Network WAYN Is Bankrupt

WAYN was a mini-Facebook of travel before there was a Facebook. Unfortunately for WAYN, competing with the giant social network for travelers' attention and a plethora of discovery apps is a struggle for any company.

2 weeks ago

Help Define the Future of Travel: Take Our 2016 Digital Transformation Survey

Agility and speed in adapting to a rapidly changing digital world will define tomorrow's competitive landscape in travel. Take our survey to understand the big questions now facing the industry.

2 weeks ago

Why Do Travelers Share on Social Media? — Digital Marketing News This Week

Lots of "likes" and "shares" look good in a marketing campaign reports. But did they lead to meaningful actions by the audience? It's time for social media metrics to get more scrutiny from travel marketers.

2 weeks ago

The Skift Podcast Returns This Week With Season 3

Clean off your earbuds, clear out some GB on your iPhone, and get ready for a new season of The Skift Podcast.

3 weeks ago

Air China’s In-Flight Magazine Removed Following Racist London Article

The irony is that in this age of cities realizing that they're really much bigger than a downtown tourist core, the neighborhoods Air China's in-flight magazine warned readers about is exactly where DMOs are counting on growth.

3 weeks ago

The 10 Best Travel Experiences Right Now Using Virtual Reality

Originally, the idea for this story was to find the top 25 travel virtual reality experiences, but there aren't many quality pieces of content right now. It looks like travel companies are making all the same mistakes they made with blogs and online video again, just in the virtual reality space this time. More experienced content creators, however, are finding ways to push the medium forward.

4 weeks ago

How to Do Social Customer Service Right — Digital Marketing News This Week

Social media is becoming big business. If you need proof, just look at American Airlines, which is devoting millions of dollars to making sure travelers say good things about them online.

4 weeks ago

Travel’s Location Marketing Moment – Digital Marketing This Week

There's billions of location-specific insights hidden inside travelers' Instagram photos, Tweets and TripAdvisor reviews. All travel marketers need to do is "connect the dots."

1 month ago

Expanding Our Editorial Reach With London and Los Angeles Hires

The Skift Editorial team is now 10 strong, bringing you unparalleled coverage of the travel industry and traveler trends.

2 months ago