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European airline earnings: Air France surges while Ryanair dips

The turmoil in European air space continues, and despite all cost cuttings, expect lots more consolidation to come in. Watch any combo of Qatar/Emirates/Etihad/Turkish to be big players.


SkiftDesign: Ryanair to experiment with extra-wide doors for quicker turnaround

This is the airline equivalent of wide-mouth beer cans: Pour all the flyers out quickly so you can fill the container right back up. There is a certain wicked genius in everything Ryanair does.


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Video: What Japan Airlines’ incredible turnaround means for the U.S. market

JAL's turnaround is as much about government assistance as it is smart business. JAL may be pinching pennies, but its reinvention is also owed to massive government loans, debt waivers, tax breaks, and pension cuts for formerly loyal employees.


Chief of TSA admits to “Nightline” that they’re always a step behind

In theory, 97% of the TSA's resources are focused on air travel, but as any insider will tell you bureaucracy and internal politics takes up the majority of the time that isn't spent dealing with public complaints about the TSA.


The fate of Indian’s liquor baron hangs in balance if Kingfisher Airlines fails

Despite all his trying, the high-flying, loud-talking Branson of India has his entire empire on the line with his troubled Kingfisher airline.


Forget global airline alliances, Israelis just want to fly El Al

Emerging national carriers should follow its lead: El Al, among other things, has made its name synonymous with Israel and, in return, has its paired its future entirely with that of the state.


How airlines are killing in-flight civility one seating fee at a time

It's perfectly within passengers' rights to not give up their seats in order to accommodate other flyers, but airlines shouldn't put passengers in a position where they have to manage outrage over airlines' policies.


SkiftAds: United’s new TV campaign in support of USA Olympics team

United new ad campaign for Team USA, plain vanilla as ever.


Etihad’s CEO is more interested in Heathrow’s future than its Olympics triumphalism

Etihad's outspoken CEO says it as he sees it: London Heathrow won't remain the future hub of aviation this part of the world if it focuses on incremental fixes rather than thinking big.


Uncertainty over American Airline’s future creates instability for Chicago-O’Hare’s bonds

O'Hare is busy, but it's status at the bottom of on-time arrival and departure stats points to its unreliability compared with its busy airport peers.