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Source: Skift
Author: Dennis Schaal

Holy Mao.

The mighty late founder of modern China might roll over in his grave.

Or maybe not.

The news is that Air China, national flag carrier of China and a Star Alliance member, is rolling out its Fast Track immigration service to a couple of additional airports, in Italy, namely Rome and Milan.

Nothing earth-shattering there. The service enables first class, business class, and PhoenixMiles Platinum members on Rome-Beijing and Milan-Beijing/Shanghai flights to speed through customs.

The kicker is that the national flag carrier of the regime, founded on the principles of peasant and working class egalitarianism, describes the service as “a track truly for the privileged few.”

Road warriors and the elite have nothing to lose but their chains — and their places in customs’ lines with regular passengers.

In addition to Rome and Milan, the Fast Track service is also available in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Tokyo.