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In this video from Skift Global Forum 2022, we hear from Leah Chandler, Discover Puerto Rico’s chief marketing officer, on the DMO’s “Live Boricua” campaign. The term ‘boricua’ honors the vibrant culture and spirit of the Island — as well as those of Puerto Rican descent — which creates unique, relatable and long-term marketing opportunities.

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In this video:

  • Insight into the “Live Boricua” campaign: How it was conceived, what it aims to achieve, and the ways in which it honors the state of mind, rhythm and flavor that is uniquely Puerto Rico.
  • How DMOs can lean in: Working directly with community members not only empowers DMOs to be an engine for small business growth, it helps travelers better understand the narrative of local communities, making for more meaningful and memorable on-the-ground experiences. 
  • Partnerships are critical: Learn how Discover Puerto Rico works with local organizations and businesses to ensure all stakeholders stay aligned in terms of tourism priorities, since more than 88,000 people — a higher number than ever before — are employed by the Island’s hospitality industry. 
  • The importance of staying agile: Having dealt with major hurricanes Maria in September 2017, and most recently, Fiona in September 2022, Puerto Rico’s tourism leaders have had to become experts in crisis management and critical preparedness. Whether a pandemic, a natural disaster or travel delays, the DMO ensures Puerto Rico’s tourism engine restarts after every challenge as tourism is essential to supporting local communities in their recovery. 

Today’s traveler craves impactful, meaningful experiences. In fact, many intentionally choose destinations where they can easily connect with residents and immerse themselves in local culture. This might mean shopping at local businesses, eating at family-owned versus chain restaurants, or hiring a local tour guide. Early results of Discover Puerto Rico’s “Live Boricua” campaign — which was created with substantial input from the local business community — show longer stays, higher spend, and an increase in people who want to visit the island after exposure to the campaign. 

In this video from Skift Global Forum 2022, we hear from Leah Chandler, Discover Puerto Rico’s chief marketing officer, in conversation with Alison McCarthy, SkiftX content director, on why leaning into the narrative of local communities is so important. Chandler also discusses the creation of the Island Digital Education Academy (La IDEA), which helps business owners increase their visibility on major digital platforms such as Google My Business, Tripadvisor and Yelp.

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