Announcing Skift Global Forum East in Dubai December 13-15

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The energy around the travel industry in the Middle East right now is unprecedented, and Dubai is at the center of it all. And that's why we're announcing Dubai as the location for our first-ever extension of our premier Skift Global Forum event. This isn’t a freakin’ trade conference, as we gently say it. 

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Creating connections at the center of global travel. Join us in Dubai December 12-14, 2023.

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Today is the day. After months of planning, I am excited to announce that our premier Skift Global Forum event is expanding to a part of the world that sits at the center of global connectivity between Asia and the west, and really, the future of the travel industry itself.

Skift Global Forum East, presented by Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, will take place in Dubai, from December 13-15.

Skift Global Forum has become the preeminent global thought leadership event in travel, where CEOs, creative leaders and top innovators discuss the changing future of their companies, the industry, and travelers.

We believe the business of the Future of Travel is at the intersection of technology and marketing. We also believe the creative Future of Travel is at the intersection of user experience and design, and everything Skift does across all of our platforms and products speaks to that.

We are bringing this same ethos to this new event – to a city and a region that is now the center of the world, the center of how the world connects to each other. In so many ways, Dubai mirrors that future of travel, just sped-up and mega-sized into the present. We predicted this in 2015 when we wrote our Future of Travel 2020 manifesto, and it still holds true today.

Hilton Hotels CEO Chris Nassetta
Hilton Hotels CEO Chris Nassetta in discussion with Skift Founder Rafat Ali at Skift Global Forum in New York City on Sept. 22, 2021.

Skift Global Forum East is a two-day conference where we will hear from global and regional leaders, and learn about the innovations coming to bear on the future of travel in this post-pandemic world, in the same fast-paced and incisive interviews and presentations for which Skift is known.

The CEOs and thought leaders who will step onstage at Skift East are not there to make a sales pitch for their companies; they are coming to share their visions of the future of travel. These are the leaders who understand the larger context in which travel operates and who don’t suffer from the myopia that afflicts much of the industry.

This isn’t a freakin’ trade conference, as we gently say it. 

As an inaugural event, we’re sure it will sell out. In-person tickets will be priced at US$750, and group tickets at US$700. Skift premium subscribers get their standard discounts, as well as exclusive free access to the hybrid version. Keep in mind, we’re not offering any discounts or early-bird pricing this year. Our new pricing is meant to be flat, affordable and easy.

We hope to see you in Dubai this December. Reserve your tickets.

December 12-14
Join Skift and travel leaders from throughout the world in Dubai for the second annual Skift Global Forum East.
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