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Sustainability and remote work will shape how we live and how we travel profoundly on the other side of the pandemic. Understanding what travelers think of these two topics and how these two areas will impact their future travel decisions is crucial for the industry rebuild.

Skift Research has recently conducted a survey of travelers in the U.S., UK, Australia, China and India to understand the crucial questions on how the pandemic has changed consumer travel habits and patterns, what might be short-lived and what might be long-lasting shifts.

Our first report from the survey — 2022 Traveler: A Multi-Country Survey Report — provides detailed findings on major travel components — outbound travel, accommodation, transportation, destination, and tourism activities.

In this second report, Sustainability and Remote Work Shaping the Future of Travel: A Consumer Perspective, we focus on two areas that emerged from the pandemic and will shape travel in fundamental ways: sustainability and remote work.

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Sustainability
    • Traveler attitude on sustainable travel business practice, by country, age, income and family status
    • Levels of commitment for making sustainable decisions in future travel, by country, age, income and family status
    • Traveler willingness to bear the cost associated with company sustainable implementations, by country, age, income and family status
    • Levels of trust in travel company climate change effort, by country, age, income and family status
  • Remote Work
    • Current state of remote work, by country, age, income and family status
    • How remote work has impacted and will impact travel, by country, age, income and family status
    • Consumer attitude on the future of remote work and business travel, by country, age, income and family status

This is the latest in a series of reports and data products that Skift Research puts out to help you understand the trends in the travel industry. Tap into the opinions and insights of our seasoned network of staffers and contributors. Over 200 hours of desk research, data collection, and/or analysis goes into each report.

After you subscribe, you will gain access to our entire vault of reports conducted on topics ranging from technology to marketing strategy to deep dives on key travel brands. You will also be able to access our proprietary Skift Recovery Index and Skift Health Score data and reports.

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