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Big Tech flies to the Code conference, and politicians flock to Davos. But travel tech professionals don't have their own premiere, invitation-only event. The next-best thing is a conference run by Thayer, an investment firm. Here's a briefing.

Series: Travel Tech Briefing

Travel Tech Briefing

Editor’s Note:¬†Skift’s Senior Travel Tech Editor Sean O’Neill each week brings readers exclusive reporting and insight into the world of travel tech, and how it is having an impact across the industry in times of recovery and beyond. The briefing will be an essential guide for travel executives to decide if their company should “build, buy, or partner” to stay ahead.

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You can't write a weekly briefing on travel tech without eventually covering Thayer Ventures. No other traditional venture capital firm based in the U.S. has bet on more travel startups in the past decade than Thayer has.This year's annual meeting of Thayer's limited partner