In this video:

  • How OTA marketing is changing in 2021: how Covid-19 and changing consumer habits are forcing an evolution in OTA marketing strategies.
  • Revising personalization and targeting: learning how to ensure OTA marketing efforts remain effective in the face of broader changes in online advertising strategy and privacy regulations.
  • Emphasizing the “transaction moment”: how to use the moment of purchase as potential opportunity for upsells and merchandising.

Many online travel agencies (OTAs) are hopeful for a recovery of consumer travel demand in 2021. But as interest in travel bookings inch upwards, OTAs may need to revise their marketing strategies in order to succeed. In fact, many currently face challenges including shrinking promotional budgets, changing consumer mindsets, and new online privacy regulations that will force them to adapt their approach.

In this Skift Online Travel and Distribution Summit video we hear from Ashley Robinson, SVP of customer success at ROKT, about how OTAs can develop successful marketing strategies to set themselves up for success as travel starts to recover.