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What does personalization mean in 2020, and what does it look like in a world where customers are becoming increasingly protective of their data? In this webinar, we'll dive into what intelligent advertising and marketing campaigns can accomplish.

In our upcoming webinar on April 7, we take a closer look at how travel marketers can improve their marketing communications by personalizing interactions based on more than just demographics. Constantly evolving marketing technology makes this possible — but only provided you have the right data and analytics strategy. Learn more from our experts.


Today’s travelers are unpredictable. Past behavior and booking trends do not always provide reliable predictions around where a traveler will visit next or what kind of travel they will book. After all, the same business traveler who flies to Chicago twice a month also vacations in Mallorca, spends a long weekend with friends in Austin, and is planning a cruise with the in-laws and grandparents. Who exactly is she? It depends on the use case. Her behaviors, interests, and motivations change rapidly.

But does that mean that travel brands trying to reach this traveler will not be able to target her effectively and personalize their communications with her? Not at all! As Miguel Flecha, managing director of travel at Accenture said, digital marketing should focus less on one-to-one tactics and more on using deep data sets to create a dynamic understanding of individuals and their changing motivations. Brands need to know their customers beyond demographics — and be agile as their motivations change — in order to deliver the most effective marketing messages.

But how does a travel brand in today’s post-GDPR world still create that holistic image of the customer with all the relevant data from disparate sources?

In this upcoming webinar, SkiftX Research Editor Jeremy Kressmann will be joined by Brad Herndon, digital data and analytics practice lead at Accenture Interactive, to further explore the challenges and opportunities this new age of digital marketing presents to the travel industry.


  • Travel industry marketing and advertising executives
  • Any travel executive interested in creating a more personalized communication strategy and targeting their most valuable customers


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