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While certain wellness travel trends are on the rise, like sound therapy, they won't drive more bookings as long as the coronavirus is a threat. Wellness travel, along with the rest of the industry, will need to hold tight and hope the outbreak gets under control.

Right now — for good reason — the coronavirus is all anyone can talk about. Just walking around my neighborhood in Munich, Germany, I can feel the nervous energy, as people stockpile cans of beans and loaves of bread, and stores run out of hand soap and paper towels.

In the luxury and wellness travel space, there’s a lot to be anxious about. Just this week, luxury travel agency group Virtuoso postponed its annual symposium in Vienna, and the U.S. is expected to see a 6 percent drop in inbound travel over the next three months. Even SoulCycle announced it would honor late cancellations for customers not feeling well. There will likely be fewer people booking wellness retreats during this time, especially if there’s a known outbreak nearby — because it’s kind of hard to unwind if you’re worried about the person coughing next to you in yoga class. And luxury travelers will probably postpone trips if they know there’s a risk where they’re going.

In theory, wellness travel could be an antidote to all this tension. As Skift contributor Laura Powell notes in her latest feature, sound healing has been used since ancient times as a way to relieve stress and bring balance back to the body — exactly the kind of treatment most of us worried-sick people could use right about now. There’s a chance people living in cities without outbreaks may feel comfortable booking staycations and taking advantage of good deals on these calming wellness offerings.

Still, that’s a best-case scenario for the wellness travel sector, as most travelers hoping to stay healthy will probably stay home, at least until concerns over the coronavirus fizzle out. Like the rest of the hospitality industry, wellness travel operators will be holding their breath — and not shaking hands.

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Leslie Barrie, Luxury & Wellness Editor

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Photo credit: Luxury wellness resorts are offering more sound therapy treatments — but in this coronavirus era, there may not be as much of a demand. Miraval Resort & Spa

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