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It’s never been more critical for brands in the travel industry to understand their customers’ online habits. But getting a clear picture of these habits is difficult. In this webinar, Skift was joined by experts from Epsilon to discuss the growing potential of identity resolution to help solve this dilemma.

In our recent webinar on March 18th, we took a look at how travel marketers can better understand their customers by means of “identity resolution,” an emerging marketing best practice that allows marketers to build a single unified profile of each customer. Sign up below for access to the recording.


A recent study by Forrester predicts online travel spending to reach $1 trillion by 2023, propelled by growing online purchases in the airline and hotel sectors. But even as consumers shift more of their buying activity online, the travel industry is falling behind in their efforts to understand these customers and engage them, leaving billions of dollars up for grabs. In fact, according to Forrester, the travel industry lags behind other industries like retail, automotive, and financial services in their quest to reap the benefits of this new digital-first environment.

In order to solve this challenge, industry marketers will need to place greater emphasis on profiling and understanding their customers both online and offline, a strategy known in some circles as “identity resolution.” The strategy behind identity resolution is for marketers to create a single, unified, real-time, persistent profile of each customer, empowering them to create a clearer picture of how these coveted travelers shop, buy, and engage with brands online.

But doing this is no easy feat. In light of industry news like Google’s decision to deprecate third-party tracking “cookies” by 2022, industry decision-makers need to build solutions to understand customers across different channels and devices, develop compelling personalization strategies, and identify the right vendor partners to support such efforts. Most importantly, travel industry executives must do this all in an environment in which consumer privacy is taking on outsize importance. How will they find a solution?

In this webinar, editors from Skift were joined by experts from Epsilon to explore the challenges and emerging best practices related to identity resolution in the travel industry.



  • Travel industry marketers and e-commerce managers
  • Any travel executive interested in creating more engaging, personalized experiences for customers

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