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Tourism is key to the revival of Japan’s marginal villages, in the process unlocking not only precious living cultures and traditions but people’s sanities.

At a time of bigger tourism backlash, our report this week on how travel is saving Japan’s disappearing hamlets is a timely reminder of the power of this industry to do good.

Move aside overcrowding, climate change, unsustainable development, and other ills for which tourism has been accused of being the culprit.

Skift’s Asia contributor Yixin Ng writes below about how tourism can save not only marginal villages in Japan but people’s lives.

A developed Japan is seeing migration going the other way, meaning urban to rural, as overworked urbanites — sometimes to the point of death — long to return to their roots and live a less pressurized lifestyle. The rural areas need them as their population is dwindling and aging.

On the other side, the trend of tourists yearning for less crowded areas, local flavors, deeper immersions, and authenticity provides urbanites the key to go home, help revive abandoned places, and with it, preserve living cultures, traditions, lifestyles, and local knowledge and crafts.

Over in Australia, tourism is also a way to help areas devastated by the country’s worst bushfires to recover. The government is on a $52 million drive to encourage its domestic travelers and international tourists to come help these communities and regions by holidaying down under.

“Tourism pollution” is real, but let’s not forget the industry’s healing side, which can go way beyond providing jobs and enriching a country’s coffers.

— Raini Hamdi, Skift Asia Editor, [email protected], @RainiHamdi

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Photo credit: Okayama, Japan. Tourism is key to the revival of Japan’s marginal villages. Abercrombie & Kent

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