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Machine learning is revolutionizing the travel industry, where it has the potential to transform company activity related to marketing, customer service, e-commerce, and much more. In our recent webinar, we discuss how industry executives can make use of this powerful new tool.

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In our recent webinar, we took a closer look at machine learning, a technology that has the potential to transform how travel brands interact with their customers and deliver more personalized experiences. Sign up below to get a recording of the webinar session.


Machine learning is taking the travel industry by storm. Experts suggest this game-changing technology could fundamentally transform significant portions of the travel business, whether that’s marketing, pricing decisions, loyalty programs, customer service, supply chain management, operations, or beyond. One 2018 study by McKinsey estimated that artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, two technologies closely associated with machine learning, will have an $800 billion economic impact on the travel industry.

But what exactly is machine learning? And how should today’s travel organizations use it in order to maximize its positive impact on their own businesses? In “Machine Learning – Creating More Human Interactions for Travel Brands,” Skift and Epsilon-Conversant examined why machine learning will be a game changer when it comes to delivering better, more personalized experiences for travelers. We were joined by executives from United Airlines, who helped provide real-world examples of how the airline is applying machine learning to the airline industry to create a more seamless brand experience—from a confirmation email all the way to kiosk upgrades and personalized recommendations—for passengers.


  • Travel industry marketers and e-commerce managers
  • Any travel executive interested in creating more engaging, optimized, experiences for their customers


This content was created collaboratively by Epsilon-Conversant and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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