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Along with marketers’ heavy investment in digital, the quality of digital advertising continues to improve with more advanced targeting and measurement capabilities. Optimized marketing success requires the right media mix and technology types.

As consumers continue to turn to digital, and increasingly, mobile channels, for inspiration on the next vacation spot and travel bookings, travel companies’ reliance on digital and mobile platforms to reach these consumers continues to deepen. What’s more, consumer data enabled and enriched by digital channels and technologies makes it possible to connect online and offline consumer activities, map the whole consumer journey, and increase marketing performance of offline campaigns.

Yet, controversies over ad fraud, ad viewability, ad blocking, and data breaches in the past few years have cast some doubt on whether digital is a viable advertising channel.

We explore these themes in our latest Skift Research report publishing Tuesday, Digital Advertising Trends in Travel 2018,

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Skift Research conducted a survey asking travel marketing professionals how much they spend on major advertising channels and formats, how effective each channel and format is, and their priorities and goals for 2019. This report draws the key findings of the survey and delves into strategies and tactics that can optimize marketing performance and drive growth.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • How travel companies allocate marketing budget between paid media, marketing technology, and third-party services and what’s the shift for 2019.
  • What is a typical media mix among travel marketers and how does that compare with other industries.
  • How much travel companies spend on each digital format such as search and social and what’s expected to change in 2019.
  • Marketers’ ratings of ad effectiveness in delivering ROIs for major media channels and formats and strategies to optimize performance.
  • How travel companies structure their digital advertising teams and its impact on multichannel and attribution marketing adoption.
  • Advertising allocation based on customer journey.
  • Top marketing priorities and challenges for 2019.
  • Highlights of marketing and advertising budget variations across different travel sectors and company sizes.
  • Skift’s recommendations on strategic and tactical focuses to optimize ad performance and drive growth.

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