New Study Looks into the British Traveler’s Path To Purchase

Why would a traveler research hotels and flights to Hong Kong, but end up booking a trip to New York City? How much time does a traveler spend researching before deciding on a destination or booking a trip? Where do travelers seek inspiration?

A Supermodel, a Tiny Dog and How Priceline Turned William Shatner Into a Legendary Pitchman

We don't know if it was really "a supermodel" and her tiny dog that William Shatner dispatched to Priceline.com headquarters in the late 1990s to do due dilgence on the company, but we do know that Shatner, who smashed a guitar during one shoot, was highly talented and broke new ground for an emerging brand.

How Online Travel Can Find the Middle Ground Between Ads and Booking

In the age of smarter segmentation and targeting, utilitarian and comparison shopping ads no longer have to impact conversions.

Search Isn’t Just on Search Engines Anymore, and Google Knows It

Travel brands can learn two things from Google's recent moves: brands are the new king of search, and personalized site experiences include ads.

Focusing Only on Conversions is a Big Mistake for Travel Sites

Don't get caught on the defensive - lines between transactional and on-site media revenues are blurring.

How Savvy Travel Brands Embrace Comparison Shopping

There’s $2 billion of opportunity for travel brands that give cross-shopping customers what they want - even when they’re not ready to buy.

Top-Spending Travel Brands for U.S. TV Advertising So Far This Year

The first quarter is a popular time for travelers to start planning spring break and summer travel. Based on TV spending estimates for the first quarter, it's clear that the top spending brands such as Southwest Airlines, Trivago.com and Royal Caribbean are bent on getting Americans enamored with the thought of summer vacations.

Exclusive: Expedia Argues That Hotel Owners Are Losers in Direct-Booking Push

We'd rather see PricewaterhouseCoopers or another neutral party estimate the revenue impact of hotel chains' direct-marketing campaigns instead of relying on Expedia, which obviously has vested interests. Still, Expedia's chart furthers discussion and the dialogue under way with hotels, and speaks to how seriously Expedia views the threat and the issue.

How Booking.com Profits Handsomely From Bidding on Hotel Names

Many cash-strapped independent hoteliers have been relatively laid back and allowed Booking.com to bid on their trademarked names and are even handing over their digital marketing and website creation to Booking.com's BookingSuite division. Given their resource constraints, that's not likely to change in any meaningful way anytime soon.

New Utah Advertising Campaign Touts Road Trips Beyond the National Parks

Utah is addressing a problem many destinations have -- how do you get tourists to explore less popular but worthy attractions. For New York City it is Brooklyn and the Bronx; for Utah it's anything beyond the national parks.