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Facebook Has a New Ad Product Tailor-Made for Travel Brands

Facebook wants to become a stronger player for driving trip inspiration and travel bookings, particularly direct bookings.

21 hours ago

3 Charts Showing Google Search’s Impact on Travel Brands in 2016

Google is an even mightier king in 2016 when it comes to what leads travelers' to brand websites and, ultimately, what gets them to make a purchase. But direct website visits shouldn't be overlooked: These were the next largest source of site visits and revenue.

7 days ago

Airbnb Debuts TV Ad Campaign in New Orleans Ahead of City Council’s Vote Next Month

We hope New Orleans' restrictive track record with short-term rentals doesn't get in the way with next month's vote but there are still plenty of city residents bemoaned by Airbnb and other services and don't want them to gain more foothold.

1 week ago

Travel Brands Are Spending More to Advertise on Social Media

Travelers should settle in to see lot more advertising from travel brands on social media than they probably already do. That's not necessarily a bad thing provided the ads aren't stoic and connect with content marketing plans both on and off social.

3 weeks ago

American Airlines’ New Ad Campaign Wants to Humanize the Airline

American has gone more high-end with its new advertising campaign.

4 weeks ago

IPO-Bound Trivago Is Growing Fast Because of Its Massive Marketing Spend

If Expedia is successful in turning its Trivago hotel-metasearch unit into a public company in 2016, it would be the second time Expedia has monetized an asset in such a way in five years. Expedia shareholders made a ton of money when Expedia spun out TripAdvisor in 2011.

1 month ago

Facebook’s New Ad Preferences Help Brands Identify Most-Interested Travelers

It couldn't be more clear that Facebook wants its users to see the highest quality and most relevant content possible and its latest ad preferences update could have big implications for travel brands that both serve compelling and uninspiring ads to consumers. Meanwhile, Expedia and Priceline are seeing a lot of success with Facebook and are both upping their spend.

2 months ago

Hotel Chains’ New Direct-Booking Strategy? TripAdvisor Advertising

In online travel and the lodging industry, as well as politics, astute observers follow the money. As it is with Marriott: The chain is using TripAdvisor 1) for bookings with lower-than standard online travel agency commissions and 2) to advertise even-lower-cost direct bookings on Marriott.com. Makes perfect economic sense.

2 months ago


New Study Looks into the British Traveler’s Path To Purchase

Why would a traveler research hotels and flights to Hong Kong, but end up booking a trip to New York City? How much time does a traveler spend researching before deciding on a destination or booking a trip? Where do travelers seek inspiration?

3 months ago

A Supermodel, a Tiny Dog and How Priceline Turned William Shatner Into a Legendary Pitchman

We don't know if it was really "a supermodel" and her tiny dog that William Shatner dispatched to Priceline.com headquarters in the late 1990s to do due dilgence on the company, but we do know that Shatner, who smashed a guitar during one shoot, was highly talented and broke new ground for an emerging brand.

4 months ago


How Online Travel Can Find the Middle Ground Between Ads and Booking

In the age of smarter segmentation and targeting, utilitarian and comparison shopping ads no longer have to impact conversions.

4 months ago


Search Isn’t Just on Search Engines Anymore, and Google Knows It

Travel brands can learn two things from Google's recent moves: brands are the new king of search, and personalized site experiences include ads.

4 months ago