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Today, Skift is launching Skift Wellness, covering the business of modern wellness through a lens of marketing, strategy, and tech, the same lens we use for the travel and dining sectors. Modern Wellness for us encompasses wellness tech, travel, athleisure, food and drinks, nutrition, mind and body, beauty and spa, and work and home.

Until recently, brands outside the health, nutrition, and alternative lifestyle industries have had little reason to pay attention to what’s happening in health and wellness. But the aspiration for wellness has since bubbled up in nearly every industry out there, from travel and hospitality to food and beverage, fashion and beauty, tech, media, and design.

We think very little exists that speaks about the modern business of wellness and does critical and deeper journalism beyond the consumer media one-off coverage. That’s where Skift Wellness comes in.

The Skift Wellness Weekly newsletter, our launch product, will be a curated brief of what’s happening in the wellness world, from a global business standpoint.

Every week will feature a brief collection of articles, inspiration, and resources to help you get informed and grow your ideas in a rapidly evolving market. Skift Wellness lives where wellness meets commerce, mindfulness meets technology, the yoga studio meets the boardroom, and health meets business.

It is about moving beyond the zealous and idealistic headlines promising eternal well-being to understand the seismic cultural shifts, serious business considerations, and underlying political influences that are shaping the wellness economy in the United States and worldwide.

We are delighted to welcome experienced health journalist and editor Leslie Barrie as the Editor of Skift Wellness. You can email her at

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