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Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of video interviews from the Skift Take Studio, presented by Rydoo, that were filmed at Skift Forum Europe.

During the April event in Berlin, we heard from  travel industry leaders across sectors. And after first speaking to them on stage, we took another few minutes with the executives to get more insight in our backstage Skift Take Studio.

No consumer likes being peppered with irrelevant ads online — and Google isn’t fond of that happening either.

Rob Torres, managing director of the travel sector at Google, said the search giant wants all of its ads to be good and relevant.

“Nobody likes the bad stuff that’s out there,” he said. “And to be inundated with bad ads because somehow they found out some information about you, we want to prevent that and want to work with others to help prevent that as well so that only the good stuff and the relevant stuff rises to the top.”

Torres said Google is “actively working with partners” on data privacy and transparency.

In his behind-the-scenes conversation, he also discussed the challenges of making purchases on mobile devices.

“When it’s very slow to load or doesn’t provide the right information that you’re looking for in the amount of time that you have, you bail on it,” Torres said. “And it’s a friction point that we’ve got to solve for because many times people will not come back to that brand or that site again if they have a slow experience.”

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Photo Credit: Google's Rob Torres spoke in the Skift Take Studio at Skift Forum Europe in Berlin. Skift