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This week we’re taking a look at the rise of platforms in event tech as a part of our ongoing interview series on the topic.

Many startups and technology companies have developed a suite of products for planners that allow for data to be shared and analyzed across different aspects of the planning process. Cvent pioneered this kind of service, but others are experimenting with the concept.

We’ll have many more stories about other innovators in event tech in the coming weeks. For now, look below for the rest of the week in meetings and events.

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— Andrew Sheivachman, Business Travel Editor

The Future of Event Technology

Event Tech Providers Are Ready for a Data Revolution: Many event tech providers have created platforms in recent years to offer planners a set of tools with unified access to data. As the industry embraces analytics and artificial intelligence, providing useful insights that empower decision-makers, platforms will likely take on bigger importance.

Surrogate Attendees Is the Next Nonsense Tech Trend: Don’t expect potential attendees to hire someone with an iPad strapped to their head to visit your event for them.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better: The logic behind the giant screen on display at this year’s PCMA conference in Nashville: Sometimes even display technology can enhance attendee engagement.

The Future of Meetings and Events

Marriott Cuts Could Lead to Tiered Commissions: While many hotel chains claim they’ll stick with 10 percent commission going forward, the reality is that change is likely to hit the sector at large in coming years.

Saudi Arabia Wants to Become a Hub for Events: By amping up its marketing and improving its product, Saudi Arabia is looking to bring in more money from business travelers and events. It could be a hard sell given recent political turmoil, however.

When an Event Becomes a Scandal: This look into the recent Presidents Club fiasco in London shows the need for even high-profile, private events to move away from the sexist traditions of the past.


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