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The worst-case scenarios about lines at U.S. airports this Summer haven't materialized but then again it's only the beginning of July.

What to Know Now

Credit where due: Things at the TSA are coming together a lot better than we expected this summer. After a catastrophically bad Spring, many expected this past holiday weekend in the U.S. to be a similar fiasco — but after the dust settled, American travelers escaped relatively unscathed.

Much of the improvement is due to a unified effort across Congress, the airlines and the TSA to improve the security situation. Tired of waiting for the situation to fix itself, most airlines have released either funding or resources to improve lines at their hub airports, while the TSA is doing its best to bump up staffing.

Meanwhile, Congress just approved a bill to improve security at U.S. airports, while airlines and the agency continue to work on unique screening solutions. Coming up, new scanning technology at Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami — four American Airlines hubs — will help speed the carry-on baggage screening process.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that long security lines are a thing of the past, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Now can we take a look at those liquids?

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“Unruly US airline passengers” is definitely the chart of the day.

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