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How Turkey Home leveraged media partnerships and social distribution to create videos that hit home across multiple platforms.

This post is part of an on-going series from Skift and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey where we uncover the strategies that have helped establish Turkey Home as a leading destination on social media. Read the first post about the brand’s Facebook strategy here.

When it comes to video, having a large social media presence is not a strategy for success. In the overcrowded digital space, knowing how to pinpoint audiences and distribute content across platforms is the only way to cut through the noise.

That’s the attitude Turkey Home took on to facilitate the success of its #TurquoiseHunt video series.

Co-created with digital publisher Matador Network, the three-part video series has amassed nearly 18 million views across Turkey Home’s YouTube and Facebook pages, earning over 60,000 likes, 31,000 shares, and 9,000 comments since publishing began in June. Matador also hosted the series on its own channels.

To reach those numbers, Turkey Home crafted a distribution strategy to appeal to different audiences across Facebook and YouTube.

“The main differences between the platforms are the dynamics which affect the propagation of the message,” İrfan Önal, Head of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Director General for Promotion, told Skift.

“For example, YouTube viewers tend to be more casual and less immersed in the Turkey Home value set, whereas the Facebook followers tend to have a more concrete engagement with our messages. We determine our distribution with these dynamics in mind, and strategize accordingly.”

By consistent monitoring, they learned the limits and evolving capabilities of each platform, optimizing the approach along the way.

“Apparently, sharing YouTube videos on Facebook is heavily discouraged by Facebook’s algorithm, so we always upload each & every video on our Facebook page directly,” explained Pınar Bilgen Ermiş, Digital Media and Communications Coordinator for the Directorate General for Promotion. . “We know well that we speak to a different audience on each platform and get the best engagement by acting ‘locally’.”

The “local” ideology applied to the creation of the videos as well, where Turkey Home enabled Matador Network to create the content in its native voice to have a greater impact with Matador’s audience. The two companies took this approach with last year’s #BlackSeaHunt campaign as well.

“Creating such powerful content marketing projects always proves that partnering with a good and harmonized bunch of visual storytellers bring as much exposure–if not more–than than traditional advertising, even paid digital ads” said Önal.

“It helps us share beautiful authentic and unfiltered content, which has led to tremendous engagement levels, as well as a spike at follower acquisitions for Turkey Home.”

View the Turquoise Hunt videos below:

This content was created collaboratively by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and Skift’s branded content studio SkiftXRead the first post about Turkey Home’s Facebook strategy here.


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