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In the giant sandbox that is the U.S. airline industry, on time performance is the latest and greatest toy. Better on time performance obviously means fewer missed flights and happier customers — but it’s also a pretty solid marketing tool. In September, Delta went so far as to brag that its performance is better than American and United’s. United is now changing its scheduling to improve its own metrics. And though nobody will admit it, American is now boarding flights solidly before the “30 minute window” in order to keep the wheels greased.

Until this recent push it’s been hard to beat Hawaiian’s on time performance due to the perennial good weather in Hawaii and the ease of keeping flights on schedule in that environment. According to the most recent numbers though, Delta may have actually done it, edging Hawaiian out last month by delivering 85.5% of flights on time. It’s an impressive feat for a massive and widespread airline — let’s see how that holds through the winter.

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Really good job turning @Delta 672 at DCA today. In spite of everything, we got out of there roughly ontime. @Delta is an ontime machine.

@MJonTravel | MJ on Travel, Boarding Area Blogger

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Turns out that Anthony Bourdain’s first collaboration with Matt Goulding and the Roads & Kingdoms team is a food guidebook. Read more about it here.

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