A member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party has proposed a radical solution for Berlin’s troubled new airport: tearing it down and starting from scratch.

Plagued by a series of construction problems, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport is years behind schedule and billions of euros (dollars) over budget.

Lawmaker Jens Koeppen said in an interview published Sunday that all options should be considered, including building an entirely new airport.

He told weekly B.Z. am Sonntag that “if there are problems that can’t be solved, and that’s clearly the case, then one needs to admit defeat and get off the dead horse.”

Current plans to open the airport in the fall of 2017 are in doubt after authorities last week closed part of the site due to fears a roof could collapse.

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Photo Credit: The now-deposed chief executive of Berlin's airports Rainer Schwarz, stands at Schoenefeld airport, Berlin. Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / Associated Press