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Today’s Skift Business Traveler comes from a delayed United flight bound for Houston, the sad result of a brief computer outage on Wednesday morning. Though operations at United were back to normal by late morning, delays trickled down through the system like a virus, resulting in hundreds of delays system wide.

With or without computer glitches, operations in the airline industry are always a headache — and yet each of the major legacies still has hurdles ahead. Via Johnny Jet, American and US Airways are starting to integrate their reservation systems this month, a process so tumultuous that United is still licking its wounds from the Continental merger. Delta, for its part, can’t be more proud of its barely competitive phone system and United, well, had yesterday.

Suffice it to say that for all of our technical improvements in the industry there are still days where I wish for an analog way of life.

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.@united did you guys try turning your planes off and on again?

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Kaylee King-Balentine, my old editor from AOL, just set up shop in London for the New York Times’ Native Ads team. So proud.

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Photo Credit: A United Airlines plane on the tarmac. Bernal Saborio / Flickr