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Summer is right around the corner for countries in the Northern Hemisphere, and the vacation seekers are getting busy on Facebook.

It is more likely than ever that travelers and would-be travelers who are snap-happy are accessing Facebook on their mobile devices. A recent study by Facebook that looks at its universe of users found that 70 percent of them were reading via their mobile devices, while 75 percent were posting content from their phones.

The summer season marks a good time for travel brands to leverage this on-the-go behavior and dial into people’s interests. Photos, videos, listicles, and promotions about activities like swimming, eating, sunsets, hikes, and parties are relevant topics that will lead them to the site.

Brands can inspire fans to create and share their own content from which brands can in turn curate inspirational posts. For example, airlines and booking sites can craft and point to deals about their best destinations for sunsets, hotels can feature mouthwatering photos of their light and healthy summer menus, and destinations can share information about upcoming events and daytrip itineraries to nearby attractions and nature preserves.

Planning content and campaigns during these times will give brands an advantage in that there is a higher volume of people on Facebook that are talking about a known topic. Travel brands should time their last minute deals and staff their social media customer service department in parallel.

Here’s Facebook’s look at Summer conversations:


Photo Credit: Memorial Day weekend at Hungry Mother State Park Beach. vastateparksstaff / Flickr