Skift Take

More destinations and flag carriers should join forces to produce such high-quality content that highlights attractions beyond the predictable ones.

British travel brands are joining forces to shift travelers’ perceptions of England, Scotland and Wales. British Airways and VisitBritain launched a series of short videos that put a spin on typical tourist attractions like London’s red buses or the tradition of high tea.

The videos, created by BBH London, are artfully done with creative camera work, succinct but intriguing stories, and beautiful outdoor vistas that travelers may not necessarily associate with the UK.

For example, Red Bus refers to a red van taken to a surf spot in Cornwall, Big Ben introduces a friendly cab driver who takes travelers on a culinary tour of the capital, and The Castle gives viewers a look at football fans’ game-day rituals.

The brands launched the campaign amid tourism growth. Britain reached a record rate of inbound tourism for the first six months of 2014.

However, VisitBritain, like many tourism boards, is trying to highlight attractions in the countryside, fight images of predictability and attract millennial visitors in an effort to spread tourism’s economic benefits outside of capital cities.

VisitBritain appointed a new CEO, Sally Balcombe, in July 2014. From the outset, her focus has been on digital marketing in coordination with strategic partners. This campaign is a proof of that focus.

Below are two videos from VisitBritain’s and British Airways’ new campaign:

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Photo credit: British Airways joined with VisitBritain to highlight UK attractions that might not be part of over-done itineraries. British Airways