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This past week, AT&T quietly pulled out of the in-flight internet race that they awkwardly entered earlier this year. It was a surprising move when they launched — the company planned to use an air-to-ground network to supply speeds similar to what’s currently on the market — except everyone else had fully mature products and was innovating past that.

Between the cost of implementation and other business developments, apparently AT&T decided that in-flight Wi-Fi wasn’t worth the bother. For the current providers that’s great news, and Gogo, which currently manages the lion’s share of business in the US is probably ecstatic.

For the consumer, our only concern should now be focused on price. As a person who just paid $6.99 for (United/Panasonic) service between SFO and SEA, my concern is that we’ll someday be exposed to the monopolistic tendencies of one belligerent airline or signal provider. We all have to get work done inflight, but how much is too much?

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I just boarded a tiny ancient toothpaste tube that is apparently also a United plane.

@TheBrockJohnson  | Ben Johnson, host of Marketplace Tech

South African Airways


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Lest you think the Skift Business Traveler is too soft on Gogo, Cory Doctorow from BoingBoing has a pointed story on how hard it is to cancel their recurring service. Take a read here.

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