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Our twice-monthly Skift Trends Report series takes a deep dive into industry trends across various sectors of travel.

The latest report in the series, Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands, launches today.

Travel is social. Consumers are looking to their social networks for inspiration and recommendations to book and share their experiences during and after their vacations. Nowadays, a picture is worth thousands of likes. Brands compete with friends and influencers for each like, per day, per follower.

Snap a photo, edit it, write a quick caption, include a hashtag, and upload it in an instant to a public network. Early adopters took to this behavior and, within two months, Instagram flourished to one million users and became a clear competitor to the one-year-old Hipstamatic.

A year later, brands like Red Bull and Southwest Airlines took the leap and leveraged it as another social channel to syndicate their content.

Understand what the most successful brands on Instagram are doing to build loyalty, gain followers, and turn social visits into real visits.

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Preview the report below, including the Executive Summary, Introduction and Table of Contents:

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Photo Credit: U.S. National Park's are promoted from the Department of the Interior, one of the more effective brands on Instagram. U.S. Department of the Interior / Instagram