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Independence Day, the most American of U.S. holidays is upon us.

To celebrate this holiday, we came up with a summer 2014 edition of the official U.S. tourism boards for each state by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram followers.

Although 100 percent of the states — along with Washington, D.C. — are on Facebook and Twitter, only 59 percent are present in all four platforms. 96 percent have YouTube channels and 65 percent are present on Instagram.

Eighty-five percent of 12.5 million followers that drive the total social media presence of each brand comes from Facebook. Twelve percent hail from Twitter followers and less than 1 percent are on YouTube, Instagram.

The average number of followers for Facebook is 215,000; Twitter is 30,000; YouTube is 1,000 followers; and Instagram is 10,000 followers. Fans of these tourism boards were more likely to follow on Instagram than on YouTube. The immediacy of Instagram and its user experience on mobile is a huge factor.

Fifteen of the 20 states without Instagram accounts had Pinterest accounts. It will be interesting to see how the brands will choose to optimize their presence and content for both these visual-based platforms by the end of 2014.

The top tenth percentile of the brands with the strongest presence on social media includes Hawaii, New York, California, Michigan, and Florida. Each of them dominate on different platforms.

Hawaii is number one on Facebook at 1,784,296; New York is number one on Twitter at 230,000, double of Michigan’s followers; Florida has YouTube 10,355 subscribers and Michigan comes in second at 5,291; Michigan is number one on Instagram with 102,693 followers, double of California’s with the second highest Instagram following.

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US Tourism BoardsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramTotal Followers
I Love New York1,274,052229,5259603,9021,508,439
Visit California805,93145,7923,43942,692897,854
Pure Michigan658,567110,4565,291102,693877,007
Visit Florida618,04474,87310,3555,945709,217
Visit Colorado443,41981,9611,16213,266539,808
Visit Virginia448,28332,3731,1854,470486,311
Destination DC317,48465,870284383,638
Travel Wisconsin283,91654,736706339,358
Travel Alaska306,52325,954437332,914
Explore Georgia257,88343,8873858,418310,573
Travel Oregon240,40336,9914,02819,192300,614
Louisiana Travel264,21925,2105274,733294,689
Arizona Office of Tourism256,78425,649562282,995
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism200,42059,8123112,930263,473
Discover South Carolina235,7928,316508244,616
Montana Office of Tourism204,07116,3725022,974223,919
Visit New Hampshire195,42813,90056209,384
Visit Connecticut195,03210,119166205,317
Wyoming Tourism172,59210,508614570184,284
Travel Nevada120,05018,7741,0181,178141,020
South Dakota117,06014,275922132,257
Tennessee Vacation103,69511,5794941,731117,499
Explore Minnesota98,39312,6865965,105116,780
Visit Pennsylvania85,61530,055395116,065
Visit Missouri102,3315,328na107,659
Texas Tourism76,87323,5055631,275102,216
Visit North Carolina67,67429,5816253,129101,009
Discover Ohio59,45326,12542611,15697,160
Visit Maine71,98420,46492158693,955
Visit New Mexico75,67716,19011,96993,837
Arkansas Tourism67,66311,6526902,65182,656
Enjoy Illinois50,35621,4081,6253,80077,189
Visit Mississippi57,09012,27818364670,197
Visit Kentucky50,08713,41622663,729
Alabama Tourism45,32510,94446856,737
North Dakota Tourism32,63318,8292202,83754,519
Travel Iowa34,01414,5006948,583
Travel Oklahoma31,22413,2284392,52647,417
Visit Maryland20,67123,1402443,26647,321
Visit Idaho34,38811,61740746,412
Vermont Tourism28,40415,55364744,604
Visit Indiana14,35727,8162991,96944,441
Visit New Jersey26,2649,45223135,947
Delaware Tourism23,45910,55216179234,964
Experience Washington8,10715,54823,655
Visit Utah6,64911,4941,06119,204
Visit Nebraska8,1697,38623015,785
Kansas Tourism9,9945,27728315,554
West Virginia Division of Tourism15,206871364015,469
Visit Rhode Island11,3509652,72215,037

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Corrections: Visit Vermont replaced by Vermont Tourism, West Virginia Division of Tourism Facebook and Twitter Followers.
Although 100 percent (from 98 percent) of the states — along with Washington, D.C. — are on Facebook and Twitter, only 59 percent (from (57 percent) are present in all four platforms. 96 percent (from 95 percent) have YouTube channels and 65 percent are present on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Go Hawaii's Facebook Page Go Hawaii / Facebook