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Advertising in the form of a Spirit Airlines plane wrap costs $400,000 per year, including production and installation. Spirit Airlines

Both overhead bins and window panels are open to advertisers on Spirit Airlines, which considers them very effective because passengers tend to stare at them throughout the flight. Spirit Airlines

There are various packages to advertise on Spirit’s tray tables and bulkheads. See your Spirit Airlines ad rep for details. Spirit Airlines

Spirit’s flight attendants will wear aprons adorned with your company’s logo for the right price ($25,000 for 1,100 aprons per quarter). Spirit Airlines

Ticket jackets may make for a nice advertising opportunity because passengers tend not to throw them in the garbage until they unpack at home. Spirit Airlines

Two-sided seatback inserts can be used to distribute company coupons with special deals. Spirit Airlines

Lots of airlines offer advertising on napkins and boarding passes, but Spirit Airlines is setting a new standard for sponsorship.

It is now giving marketers access to the entirety of its planes — a plane wrap ($400,000 for one plane for the year), window panels, bulkheads, overhead bins, tray tables, inflight menus, flight attendants’ aprons, and Styrofoam cups.

Even the barf bags — also known air sickness bags — are available for branding purposes. An outlay of $30,000 provides the opportunity of spread your company’s messaging on 150,000 air sickness bags per quarter.

Skift obtained the Spirit Airlines onboard advertising rate card (see below for a pricing chart and the gallery above for images of some of the advertising vehicles), and it is clear that the self-styled “ultra-low-cost carrier” hopes to generate advertising revenue from nearly every stationary and moveable object on the plane with the exception of passengers’ foreheads.

Once implemented, Spirit’s inflight ambiance may come to resemble subway cars and trolleys where advertising becomes an obstruction everywhere a passenger gazes.

Remember that Spirit routinely has the lowest rate available on every route it flies, as well as an additional fee for anything it can think of.

Before your company shells out $250,000 per quarter (production and installation included) to run ads on 1,544 window panels in Spirit’s fleet, consider that Spirit’s customers “skew female,” are 25 to 54 years old on average, are ethnically diverse, and their household income averages more than $100,000.

There are plenty of considerations and tradeoffs. For example, is it more cost-effective to spend $160,000 per quarter to be the exclusive advertiser on Spirit’s tray tables, or to spend $25,000 for advertising on 1,100 aprons. Do that math, and calculate ROI.

Spirit Airlines is renowned for charging passengers optional fees for everything from carryon bags and checked bags to boarding passes at the ticket counter and reservations over the phone.

Now, the pitch to advertisers really rounds out the revenue-generation picture.

Following are most of Spirit’s onboard advertising rates, and we imagine they are subject to negotiation.

Spirit Airlines Onboard Advertising Rate Card

Advertising ItemQuantity Per QuarterCost Per Quarter
Styrofoam Cups250000$25000
Air Sick Bags150000$30000
Boarding Passes1000000$30000
Ticket Jackets400000$45000
Clear Cups600000$55000
Overhead Bins (All bins/all A319s, A321s)940$225000
Beverage Napkins3500000$60000
Inflight Menu50000$60000
Seatback Inserts70000$60000
Tray Tables (Exclusive, all trays)5790$160000
Window Panels1544$250000
Plane Wrap (6 months)1$300000
Plane Wrap (1 year)1$400000

Note: The cost per quarter includes production and installation with the exception of the rate for seatback inserts, which do not include production costs

Source: Spirit Airlines (January 2013)

The advertising opportunities are boundless. In addition to taking advantage of “a custom-designed wrap of our Airbus aircraft,” Spirit mentions that the advertiser can also organize “an optional media event” for an unveiling ceremony.

And consider the effectiveness of advertising across Spirit’s window panels; they sure do beat certain traditional forms of advertising.

Says Spirit of the window panel advertising: “Every passenger will notice your ad while seated for the duration of their flight. The recall from these window panel ads is unparalleled by any outdoor billboard.”

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Photo Credit: From Styrofoam cups to plane wraps on its Airbus aircraft, Spirit Airlines is turning inflight assets into advertising opportunities at an unprecedented clip. Spirit Airlines