The Plan to Pit Passenger Against Passenger for Better Flight Upgrades

Targeted bidding on flight upgrades is a smart way for airlines to engage customers and offer value without inundating flyers with additional fees and packages. But it also adds a level of uncertainty that travelers may find off-putting.

Passenger Satisfaction With U.S. Airlines Hits a 10-Year High

Now that the major U.S. airlines are profitable again, more travelers are reporting higher satisfaction with their flights.

U.S. Senators Say TSA Lines Would Be Shorter if Airlines Dropped Bag Fees

There's a greater chance of free upgrades to first class for all Spirit Air passengers happening than airlines getting rid of their beloved baggage fees.

U.S. Airline Profits Surge to Record Levels As Fees Increase

Now that airlines are reporting major profit, it's time for them to reward flyers with a better onboard experience and more route options.

Fewer Spirit Airlines Flyers Are Interested in Paying Fees

It seems like flyers may never get used to being nickel-and-dimed for basic amenities by low-cost carriers like Spirit Airlines.

Senate Bill Would Mandate Refunds for Checked Bags That Arrive Late

Which provision in the Senate aviation bill is less likely to become law: Putting flight attendant rest rules on par with pilots or mandating that families with young kids be able to sit together? Both provisions have merit but we're talking about the U.S. Congress here.

U.S. Senate Bill Pushes for Checked Bag Fee Refunds if the Bag Is Lost

This would appear to be a no-brainer, especially from a passenger experience angle. What better way to make people less mad about you losing their bag than refunding them the $50 or so they spent for you to take care of it?

American Airlines Drops Its Free 24-Hour Hold on Reservations

Consumers do have 24 hours to cancel a reservation without penalty, but airlines have done everything they can to make it difficult for them to understand this.

World’s Busiest International Airport Will Now Charge a Departure Fee

Now that Dubai International Airport is a global travel hub, flyers will pay the price of future renovation.

Airlines Would Have to Standardize How They Disclose Fees Under New Bill

Since this is the Senate as opposed to the House, it doesn't appear to contain measure that would hide fees from consumers in advertising, as the House Chairman has pushed for.