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Here’s How Spirit Airlines Will Increase Its Revenues

When fuel was expensive, Spirit was one of the industry's top performers. But cheaper oil has not been helpful to the carrier, so now it must get smarter.

3 months ago

Spirit Airlines Can’t Make You Love It So Instead It’s Just Trying to Be on Time

Spirit wants to be better, but it doesn't want to be better so much that it cuts into profitability.

4 months ago

Low-Cost Holdouts Frontier and Spirit Will Join TSA’s Precheck Program

Frontier and Spirit are finally joining the TSA's precheck program, which is good news for travelers who don't want to wait in long security lines.

4 months ago

American and United Have New Fares They Hope Spirit Air Passengers Will Love

Delta, American, and United are likely overconfident about consumers' ability to distinguish between the dirt-cheap, no-frills fare they are paying today and the higher fare they paid last time. Passengers are just as likely to forget that they chose to pay for worse service.

5 months ago

Airline Fees Continue to Be a Big Issue for Passengers Chasing Cheap Fares

We've been saying this for ages: Airline fares are cheaper than ever, but airlines are doing a bad job communicating why. Spirit's challenges — even after trying to make its benefits clear — demonstrate the distance between expectation and delivery.

6 months ago

Spirit Airlines Wants to Add Smaller Cities to Its Route List

Facing challenges from legacy carriers that have debuted their own versions of low-cost fares, Spirit is looking at other ways to build its business and looking to smaller cities is one of them.

6 months ago

American, Delta and United Try to Eliminate Multi-City Bargain Fares

Expect United and American to follow Delta's lead by creating Spirit Air-like fares of their own.

6 months ago

Spirit Air’s Ex-CEO Joins Board of WOW Air, Iceland’s Low-Cost Upstart

The legal scope of Ben Baldanza's non-compete agreement working for a foreign airline is unclear, but the competitive implications of this appointment for WOW in the North American market is massive, and it seems that Mogensen could be setting up to take his airline public in the U.S.

8 months ago

The 5 Airline Websites Best Designed for Up Selling Flyers

Ideaworks believes that web design which makes it easier for consumers to know about and purchase a la carte ancillary products is essential to encouraging these sales. Call it hate-selling with a human face.

8 months ago

U.S. and Cuba to Sign Agreement Next Week Resuming Commercial Flights

Can't happen soon enough.

8 months ago

U.S. Legacy Carriers Vs. Low-Cost Rivals in 8 Charts

It's a big market, with plenty of passengers eager to fly around. In their own way, all airlines are making the most of this boom.

9 months ago

Spirit Air’s Ousted CEO Walks Away With $1 Million and Free Flights for Life

No-frills extends to golden parachutes on this low-cost carrier. For his next CEO gig he should either bankrupt a legacy carrier or get involved in a state-wide corruption probe and he can walk away with much, much more.

10 months ago