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Inattentive parents and flyers that kick the back of other passengers’ seats are the most inconsiderate travelers in the skies, says a new Expedia survey released today.

The study, conducted by Northstar, surveyed 1,001 U.S. adults on the in-flight behaviors that bother them the most. The violations ranged from smelly and talkative seat mates to line jumpers and frequent bathroom users.

But nothing makes a flyer cringe as much as a crying children. The Expedia survey found that 63 percent of travelers “often feel annoyed” at parents traveling with loud children and that 49 percent would pay extra to sit in a quiet zone.

However, Skift’s consumer survey found that only 15 percent of respondents would be willing to pay an additional fee to sit in a child-free zone.

A few other fun findings from that Expedia study are that 22 percent of travelers consume more than two alcoholic drinks during air travel and 38 percent of travelers believe whoever sits first can claim which armrest they use.

The full list of in-flight offenders is below, ranked from most to least annoying:

Airplane Etiquette ViolatorsAnnoyed Travelers (%)
1Inattentive Parents41
2Rear Seat Kicker38
3The Aromatic Passenger28
4The Boozer26
5Chatty Cathy23
6Audio Insensitive19
7Seat-back Guy13
8Carry-on Baggage Offenders13
9The Back-Seat Grabber12
10The Queue Jumper12
11The Armrest Hog11
12Mad Bladder11
13Pungent Food Eaters9
14The Mad Dasher9
15The Amorous9
16Overhead Bin Inconsiderate9
17The Undresser9
18The Pre-Boarder6
19The Seat Switcher5


Photo Credit: A baby pops his head over a plane seat on a flight to Port Aransas, Texas. Andrew Morrell / Flickr