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Ed: We’re starting a new monthly feature on top trafficked sites in various sectors in travel, using data from SimilarWeb. We have found SimilarWeb’s traffic stats to be the most reliable barometer of consumer web activity, easily besting other comparison sites like Quantcast, Compete, Alexa, and others.

Yesterday we looked at the top online booking sites around the globe, and today we’re looking at the top airline sites from around the world, traffic wise, for October 2013. The biggest observation: the low-cost carriers are ascendant in online, driving tons of traffic, with Ryanair, AirAsia, easyJet and Southwest being the top four airline sites on the planet.

There is a big structural reason for the high traffic to these sites: low-cost airlines prohibit online booking sites such as Priceline, Expedia, and others to show their fares, so the airline sites are the only direct source of booking the tickets for them. Plus, many of them add fees for booking via any method other than online. So voilà!, lots of internet traffic. It helps explain why Ryanair runs advertisements for other travel providers on its website.

Then, besides the biggest U.S. airlines and British Airways, Emirates and Turkish are on the up, driven in large part by their general marketing savviness. Latin American, Japanese, and additional low-cost carriers make up the rest.

RankSiteEstimated Visits, October 2013Time On Site (in Minutes)Page Views per VisitLeading Country
1Ryanair.com22.4 Million5:083.16United Kingdom 23.25%
2AirAsia.com16.2 Million11:038.16Malaysia 28.17%
3Easyjet.com15.2 Million9:005.68United Kingdom 35.52%
4Southwest.com15.1 Million7:117.48United States 97.38%
5Delta.com14.4 Million8:578.92United States 86.89%
6United.com12.4 Million8:429.52United States 83.93%
7AA.com12.1 Million6:206.71United States 83.44%
8Emirates.com8.9 Million8:186.99United States 18.15% Million5:123.61Brazil 93.78%
10Wizzair.com8.2 Million7:315.8United Kingdom 22.74%
11Lufthansa.com6.8 Million5:104.62Germany 31.45%
12Lan.com6.6 Million8:057.33Chile 30.44%
13Jetstar.com6.6 Million8:146.17Australia 34.45%
14Jetblue.com6.4 Million8:097.7United States 88.46% Million9:066.27Brazil 96.22%
16Cebupacificair.com5.4 Million9:467.63Philippines 64.71%
17Turkishairlines.com5.2 Million7:006.71Turkey 51.69%
18Klm.com5.1 Million5:205.3Netherlands 24.34% Million7:3510.09Japan 89.35% Million15:468.44Indonesia 92.08% Million3:002.32Brazil 96.70%
22Airfrance.fr4.4 Million7:417.35France 81.80%
23USairways.com4.2 Million7:076.11United States 91.91%
24Aircanada.com4.2 Million6:497.23Canada 74.48% Million6:529.28Japan 90.96%
26Qatarairways.com3.8 Million7:215.87United States 15.43%
27Cathaypacific.com3.8 Million8:4210.47Hong Kong 22.46% Million8:148.36Australia 78.83%
29Malaysiaairlines.com3.1 Million7:416.4Malaysia 54.57%
30Aeroflot.ru3.1 Million6:537.92Russian Federation 81.89%