Ryanair Plans to Flood Market with Cheap Seats

Look for more bargain fares soon on Ryanair, which said this week its prices could drop by as much as 12 percent within one year.

How 4 European Low-Cost Carriers Are Preparing for Their Own Brexit

Despite all the sabre-rattling, it could be business as usual for Europe's low cost carriers even if the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

UK Airline Stocks Plunge Following Pro-Brexit Vote

It's going to be a bumpy few weeks (or months, or years) as the implications of the vote unfold.

Brexit Is Bad News for Europe’s Low-Cost Carriers

Travel and tourism has been one of Europe's economic strengths in recent year. The Brexit would complicate matters for airlines, tour operators, and many others in the travel industry.

Ryanair CEO Warns of EU Unraveling if the UK Votes in Favor of Brexit

O'Leary has long bemoaned the EU and its meddling in the affairs of business, but he also recognizes that Ryanair's business is the better because of the meddling.

Ryanair Will Cut Fares This Summer After Record Profits in 2016

Ryanair can afford to make less if it can also keep its planes full during a summer of uncertainty in Europe. Will traditional carriers such as British Airways and Air France follow suit?

Ryanair’s CEO Stops Fighting the EU in Order to Defend It

We've yet to find a travel brand in the UK that supports Britain leaving the European Union.

Ryanair’s CEO Isn’t Afraid to Scare a Few People to Keep Britain in the EU

The O'Leary that everyone loved to quote is back in fine form — and for a good cause, too.

Ryanair’s CEO Worries About Terror ‘Cloud’ Over on Europe’s Airlines

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Europe, as well as labor strikes, are clouding the European carrier's business.

Ryanair CEO on Terror Impact and Pact To Time Schedules With Norwegian for Long Haul

European airlines and their counterparts almost everywhere are bracing for a next terrorist attack and worry about the potential that demand won't bounce back as it usually does. Meanwhile, Ryanair believes coordinating its flights with long-haul carriers such as Norwegian will become a material part of its business.