Fearing Terrorism, Coups and Brexit Now Means Europeans Fly Less

U.S. airlines might be reporting near record profits, but that's not the case in Europe, where travelers are fearful.

Easyjet Faces Uncertainty in Post-Brexit Europe

It looks like flyers are getting even cheaper fares than usual on Britain's budget airline this summer. But this level of discounting isn't sustainable for Easyjet.

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Despite all the sabre-rattling, it could be business as usual for Europe's low cost carriers even if the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Brexit Continues to Punish Global Airlines in Europe and the U.S.

Stocks for both European and U.S. carriers took a hit following the Brexit vote due to fears of less short-term travel in and out of the U.K.

EasyJet Says Brexit Will Spur ‘Consumer Uncertainty’

Two of Great Britain's largest airline companies fear the Brexit will be bad for business, as passengers may cut back on travel.

UK Airline Stocks Plunge Following Pro-Brexit Vote

It's going to be a bumpy few weeks (or months, or years) as the implications of the vote unfold.

EasyJet’s Losses Come From Terror Fears and Low-Cost Competition in Europe

EasyJet is up against major terror fears but also low-cost competitors such as Ryanair encroaching on more airports and gaining hold of more market share.

How to Build a Low-Cost Travel Brand That’s Lean Without Being Mean

If consumers don't value some of the extras offered in the market, or worse still see them as an impediment to their journey, these brands believe it's best to eliminate them. Sure, doing so saves them money and creates lean processes, but it also differentiates the brand and creates positive associations for those consumers who are fed up with fluff, hype, and inflated travel costs.