Ryanair Looks to Boost Bookings by Slashing Ticket Prices

Ryanair has never been shy about cutting fares to stimulate demand and in a difficult environment its aggressive tactics could well pay off again.

With Jetstar Group, Qantas Succeeds Where Other Big Airlines Have Failed

Qantas is finally seeing some improvement from its Jetstar brands. But will the discount airlines be able to sustain their success?

Mexican Low-Cost Airline Volaris Is Outsmarting Rivals, One Bus at a Time

You may not have heard of Mexico's Volaris yet, but that should change soon. It is planning a major U.S. expansion.

Low-Cost Airlines Make Big Bets on Data and Personalization

Some people believe that low cost carriers will eventually put legacy airlines to shame when it comes to leveraging all of that data they have access to. Ryanair has hired 150 IT specialists in the last 2.5 years. That's definitely a statement.

Wizz Air is Cutting Back on Its UK Growth Plans Following Brexit Vote

Brexit may cause one of the greatest shifts in European low-cost carrier history and mainland European hubs will benefit from it.

Brexit Continues to Punish Global Airlines in Europe and the U.S.

Stocks for both European and U.S. carriers took a hit following the Brexit vote due to fears of less short-term travel in and out of the U.K.

Spirit Airlines Can’t Make You Love It So Instead It’s Just Trying to Be on Time

Spirit wants to be better, but it doesn't want to be better so much that it cuts into profitability.

UK Airline Stocks Plunge Following Pro-Brexit Vote

It's going to be a bumpy few weeks (or months, or years) as the implications of the vote unfold.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Already Sees Low-Cost Norwegian Air Hurting U.S. Fares

The transatlantic route has long been one of the world's most profitable ones. Then Norwegian Air came it and is upsetting long-held assumptions.

Airlines Worry That Demand Won’t Keep Up With Growing Global Capacity

The two most frightening words in all of aviation are "price" and "war." Together, these two words make smart leaders do stupid things to attract all the wrong customers.