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Iberia Debuts Its New Long-Haul Premium Economy Class

Iberia is just the latest in a host of carriers to launch a premium economy cabin, but the product looks like a big improvement over the main cabin.

2 days ago

Why United, American and Delta Fear Ultra Low Cost Competition, Explained

American, United, and Delta are all introducing no-frills fares to try to thwart Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit. It might work, or it might not. But it's worth a shot. The Big 3 do not want any of the discount airlines to grow to be as large and powerful as Ryanair.

2 days ago

Delta Has Big Concerns About Low-Cost Trans-Atlantic Competition

Delta is generally considered the most fiscally sound of the U.S big three, and that likely won't change soon. But Delta, like its competitors, needs to come up with a cohesive strategy on how to challenge the discount airlines beginning to move into the trans-Atlantic market.

2 weeks ago

United Hits Pause on Introducing Basic Economy Fares — Skift Business Traveler

United pushed the launch of its basic economy fares out a few months, giving business travelers a few more months to enjoy the full perks of budget tickets. Slowly, however, the axeman cometh.

3 weeks ago

British Airways Starts Charging for Food on Short Haul Flights

British Airways took a page out of Ryanair's playbook on its plans for short-haul catering. And while the planned fee structures aren't too galling, it may still rub some legacy passengers the wrong way.

3 weeks ago

Allegiant Air and the FAA Agree the Airline Is Dealing With Its Safety Issues

Whether it's the FAA or its own pilots, Allegiant has had trouble avoiding perception that it has safety issues.

3 weeks ago

United May Delay Plans to Introduce a Basic Economy Fare

Given how many changes United has made at the top recently, it makes sense that airline may want to delay this new fare class. The new executive team probably wants to get it right.

4 weeks ago

Air Berlin, in Financial Peril, May Send 40 Aircraft to a Competitor

Etihad, which owns 29 percent of Air Berlin, may have finally decided it no longer wants to subsidize mounting losses. If this deal happens, Air Berlin will still be around, but at a more manageable size.

4 weeks ago

The Dream of a Pan-African Budget Airline Is Fading

While some of fastjet's wounds have been self-inflicted, it hasn't been helped by problems in key markets. The radical turnaround plans initiated by the new CEO seem like the last throw of the dice.

1 month ago

Jetstar CEO Interview: Running the World’s Most Unique Low-Cost Carrier

What Jetstar Group has done is nearly impossible. It has taken five different airlines in five countries, most with different investors, and operating them as one brand. So far, it's worked out pretty well.

1 month ago

Canada Has a Problem With Sky-High Airfares

Canada has too much government regulation to allow EasyJet and Ryanair clones to flourish. But several new startups could produce lower fares for some Canadians.

1 month ago

Allegiant Air Banking on New Credit Card Deal to Reveal More About Its Flyers

Allegiant Air knows less about its most loyal customers than it would like. Its new co-branded credit card could help change that. But will anyone apply for it?

2 months ago