Q: I have some questions about the MetLife blimp that was here during the Wyndham golf tournament. How did it get here — by flying, or was it hauled? Where did it go each night it was in Greensboro? Where was it parked?

— Anonymous

A: Let’s tackle your questions one at a time.

MetLife has three blimps in operation: Snoopy One, Snoopy Two and Snoopy J.

We’re not going to worry about Snoopy J. It spends most of its time in Japan, so put it out of your mind.

Snoopy One handles the South, Northeast and Midwest. Logic would dictate that it was Snoopy One at the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club.

Not this time.

Snoopy Two, which normally travels the Northeast and Midwest, filled in for its sibling at the Wyndham, according to David Hammarstrom, a spokesman at MetLife Corporate Affairs.

Hammarstrom said Snoopy Two flew in from Akron, Ohio, after covering the Bridgestone Invitational in early August.

As for Snoopy One’s whereabouts — well, it’s possible there was a run-in with the Red Baron.

The more likely scenario is it was a busy week and Snoopy Two took the Wyndham assignment.

The two blimps do stay busy, traveling approximately 120,000 miles per year, according to the MetLife website.

As for the next question, Snoopy Two didn’t go out at night during its stay in the area.

This is surprising because Snoopy Two travels with 14 people, two pilots and 12 crew members. You would think Snoopy Two would be hitting the clubs with an entourage that large.

This blimp lives a quiet but hectic life.

It retreated to Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport after its day covering the Wyndham.

According to Dan Danieley, executive director of the Burlington-Alamance Airport Authority, Snoopy Two was tethered there each night.

Danielely said the blimp has been camping at the Burlington airport for years. How many, he can’t recall, but he said he has a picture of his son posing with the blimp when he was a baby.

Danieley says his son is now 24 years old.

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Photo Credit: A MetLife blimp in the background in a hangar. MetLife