Introducing SkiftSocial: The social media dashboard for the travel industry

Skift Take

SkiftSocial, our first data dashboard, is a window that allows the travel industry to discover the latest patterns and trends in the new social-driven world.

— Jason Clampet

Today we’re launching SkiftSocial, our first data dashboard for brands in the global travel industry, in early beta. Virtually every brand — from airline giants to small city tourism bureaus — is now living in a social media-driven world and has built up strategies for it. But how effective are they? SkiftSocial is a window that allows the travel industry to discover the latest patterns and trends, and gain insight into how companies project themselves in the new social-driven world.

With SkiftSocial, readers can compare the Twitter and Facebook efforts made by airports, destinations, media brands, lodging brands, airlines, digital brands, cruise lines, and railways. You can see who’s tweeting the most, which airlines are engaging customers the best, or which media brand knows a thing or two about Facebook. It’s also a great way to see emerging trends — like @AmericanAir‘s intensely engaged Twitter team — or declining brands — like the slow death of one-time giant Where I’ve Been.

The heart of SkiftSocial is the brand page, where we give insights into a business’ activity on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve tried to give you a clear sense of a brand’s history on the social media networks, as well as what they’re up to right now. On these pages you’ll discover not only how a brand talks to its fans, users, and customers, but when they do it and how long it takes.

SkiftSocial was built single-handedly by Dan Nguyen, our Head of Data. In addition to capturing all the data necessary to pull this off, he designed the pages, built the graphs, and determined which insights would be most useful to our readers.

For now SkiftSocial is free as we test it in early beta stage. We’ve launched with Twitter and Facebook data, and we will add more social services in coming weeks. What we’d like from you is feedback: Which metrics matter to you? What’s missing? What’s frivolous?

Email us at social AT skift DOT com or tweet us @skiftnews and tell us how SkiftSocial can be an industry resource for you.

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