Skift Global Forum 2016: Announcing Group Rates

Now is the best time for you and your coworkers to get your tickets to attend Skift Global Forum 2016. Don't wait, this discount won't last.

Ryanair CEO Warns of EU Unraveling if the UK Votes in Favor of Brexit

O'Leary has long bemoaned the EU and its meddling in the affairs of business, but he also recognizes that Ryanair's business is the better because of the meddling.

Understanding the Needs of Modern Budget Travelers: 5 Takeaways from the Skift Podcast

Budget travel seems easier than ever with today's technology and the emergence of OTAs and home-sharing, but these trends have their own associated costs.

Experience The Virtual XChange at Skift Global Forum

Join us at the intersection of travel and groundbreaking new technology at the first ever Skift Global Forum Virtual XChange Cocktail Party, where a curated selection of travel brands will exhibit their VR videos in the heart of Alice Tully Hall.

Qatar CEO Blasts ‘Wicked’ Delta Actions for Ruining First Atlanta Flight

This is not a shining moment for Delta as it killed its sponsorship of a hometown Atlanta theater for hosting a Qatar event and now is accused of obstructing Qatar's maiden Atlanta flight, although Delta denies it.

Booking.com Gets a Nearly $400 Million Tax Bill From France

European tax authorities, in this case from France and Italy, continue to go after online travel agencies like Booking.com for back taxes. Booking.com is such a large company that a $400 million bill, if it actually must be paid, won't cause the company to sweat excessively.

Euro 2016 Football Faces Biggest Threat From Air France Pilot Strike

Air France's pilots are always innovating ways to make themselves lose support from the masses. This is one of the better ways to get everyone on the other side of the argument. Expect Air France to have Iberia-like contracts by round two.

TSA Reassigns Its Security Director as Problems Mount at Airports

Kelly Hoggan's ouster as head of TSA security is tied to security lapses uncovered over the last year. It's also tied to massive publicity about incredibly long lines and the totally inability of the TSA, politicians, or airport officials to manage them.

Virgin America CEO Tells Loyalty Members It Needed Acquisition to Compete

Alaska Air and Virgin America can rightly argue that they need a marriage to compete with the likes of Delta, America, United and Southwest. JetBlue, meanwhile, which made an unsuccessful bid, gets left out in the cold.

Starwood Executives’ Golden Parachutes Got More Golden With New Marriott Offer

The Anbang investor group's last-minute bid nearly doubled the compensation Starwood executives will receive, if the new Marriott deal closes. Golden parachutes, indeed.