Euro 2016 Football Faces Biggest Threat From Air France Pilot Strike

Air France's pilots are always innovating ways to make themselves lose support from the masses. This is one of the better ways to get everyone on the other side of the argument. Expect Air France to have Iberia-like contracts by round two.

TSA Reassigns Its Security Director as Problems Mount at Airports

Kelly Hoggan's ouster as head of TSA security is tied to security lapses uncovered over the last year. It's also tied to massive publicity about incredibly long lines and the totally inability of the TSA, politicians, or airport officials to manage them.

Virgin America CEO Tells Loyalty Members It Needed Acquisition to Compete

Alaska Air and Virgin America can rightly argue that they need a marriage to compete with the likes of Delta, America, United and Southwest. JetBlue, meanwhile, which made an unsuccessful bid, gets left out in the cold.

Starwood Executives’ Golden Parachutes Got More Golden With New Marriott Offer

The Anbang investor group's last-minute bid nearly doubled the compensation Starwood executives will receive, if the new Marriott deal closes. Golden parachutes, indeed.

Marriott Investor Call: This Is What We Have in Store for Starwood

This is assuming Marriott and Starwood actually close their deal this year, which, given what's happened over that past week, is still not a sure thing, obviously.

A Radical Thought: Do Millennials Really View Travel Differently?

Travel marketers may really be off base if they overplay their hand toward Millennials. Two studies found that although Millennials as a group have huge buying power when it comes to travel, other groups' travel aspirations aren't all that different.

Marriott and Starwood May Be Close To Signing Cuba Deals

If you want to experience Cuba the way it's been for the past 50 years, you should think of going there now before Marriott and Starwood get there.

JetBlue’s New Pilot Training Program Is Now Taking Applications

More airlines are going to need to launch similar programs if they want to actively address the pilot shortage.

Tulsa Is Becoming the Destination for Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie Tourists

It'll be like Disneyland for Dylanologists.

Dubai’s $2.8 Billion Theme Park in the Desert Is Symbol of Restraint, Not Excess

At one-tenth the size of the pre-crash theme park, this one is taking baby steps to see if tourists will really go for an amusement park in 100-degree weather.