After Years of Delays, UK Government Gives Go-Ahead For Heathrow Expansion… Again

The UK government's backing of Heathrow over Gatwick is only the first step. The same thing happened in 2003 and 2007. The airline industry should expect years of squabbling and judicial reviews to further hold up the process of building a new runway in the south east of England.

2 days ago

Iceland’s Main Airport Finally Gets Its First Domestic Route

If Iceland wants to do a better job spreading its massive influx of visitors around the country, it's going to need to more than one domestic flight out of Keflavik.

6 days ago

UK Government Promises to Choose Between Heathrow and Gatwick

Like Berlin's new airport's failures or New York City's terrible offerings, London's airport drama is one of the longest running sagas in modern transportation. Meanwhile new rivals make solid ground every day.

1 week ago

Travelers Can No Longer Wear Glasses in U.S. Passport and Visa Photos

In banning eyeglasses in passport and visa photos, the U.S. State Department states that resultant shadows and poor-quality images can lead to processing delays. If this gets everyone through Miami International Airport faster ...

2 weeks ago

British Airways CEO Says Case for Heathrow Expansion is ‘Overwhelming’

The UK government will be deciding the issue of whether to approve a third Heathrow runway within the next week or so. It's no secret which way British Airways wants the decision to go.

2 weeks ago

What Will It Take to Make U.S. Airports More Competitive?

The columnist makes a good point. Most U.S. airports will never compare favorably to facilities in Singapore or Hong Kong or Frankfurt because U.S. airports tend to mostly handle a greater share of domestic flights. But U.S. airports can still improve, and to do that, they may need more private investment.

3 weeks ago

Dubai International Airport on Track to Be World’s Busiest by 2020

Dubai is already number one for international passenger traffic and, as a crossroads between east and west, there is little standing in its way to becoming the world's overall busiest airport.

3 weeks ago

Ryanair CEO Says Brexit Will Likely Hurt Profits For Four Years

Bottom line, so far Brexit is looking bad for business in the UK and Ryanair is already preparing for that kind of future.

4 weeks ago

Emirates CEO Interview and 6 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

1 month ago

TSA Lines May Return In October Without Better Government Funding

Long lines at the airport may return if congress is unable to come to terms with budgets that make sense.

1 month ago

Malaysia Is Spending $1 Billion to Fix Its Airports

If the success of Malaysia's neighboring destinations have shown, especially Singapore, it's that having a kick-ass airport can make all the difference in bringing in more travelers.

1 month ago

Turkmenistan Has Few Tourists But an Amazing New Airport

Talk about a mixed message: Look at this beautiful airport but don't come through it.

1 month ago