Google’s New Travel App Is a Mashup of Guidebook and TripIt

As with anything Google does, you can expect Google Trips to be very much a work in progress that goes through numerous iterations before it becomes available to the public. But its beta release expands Google's footprint in the travel ecosystem especially since so many consumers begin their trip planning in the search engine and explore destinations with the Maps app.

First Glance at TripIt’s New App for Google Glass

TripIt has paired down the information you'd be able to view in Google Glass to the essentials because developers are working with a "screen" that's even smaller than most smartphones. It's all that's practical when viewing itineraries at a glance.

TripIt Defies Airlines With Loyalty Tracking For Four AWOL Carriers

TripIt is doing the right thing for its users by coming up with a work-around to track the loyalty programs of airlines that don't want to be tracked by third parties. Delta, United, Southwest and American are still playing hardball.

TripIt iPhone App Update Improves Navigation With Card Views

TripIt's app update is hardly revolutionary, but it shows how travel companies are incrementally improving the user experience with more visually compelling displays and easier navigation.

How Mobile Travel Apps Have Transformed the User Experience

How long will it be before we talk about travel websites as always having an essential, if limited place, in much the same way that we sometimes talk about print guidebooks? Smartphones with bigger screens, tablets of mini and maximum dimensions ... buckle your seatbelts.

Top ten iPhone apps for business travelers

Apps for mapping, meals, and itinerary trackers are the lifeblood of business travelers on the road, but any top app list must be taken with a grain of salt since selection is highly personal.

TripIt reveals preferred seat tracker details for TripIt Pro subscribers

Is Seat Tracker worth $49 per year? Probably, especially when considering TripIt Pro's other fare-drop and notification features.

TripIt will soon find users better seats, but are the app’s best days behind it?

TripIt has a loyal following, but TripIt Pro lost a some of its attractiveness when Southwest, Delta, United and American decided to play tough with loyalty program trackers. Will Concur continue to give TripIt the resources it fought for and deserves?

Hotwire and TripIt co-founder Brockway launches furniture marketplace

Brockway will likely find out that his flirtation with a business outside the travel industry was a flight of fancy. We like his criteria for starting a new business though -- think big.