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The updated TripIt app.

This is the homescreen for TripIt’s Version 4.2 iPhone app, released September 16, 2013.

With the TripIt iPhone app’s new “card view,” you can swipe to the right or left to view various components of your trip without a lot of clutter.

In 2009, the year TripIt launched its first app, trip components were merely listed, and cluttered up the screen.

In the iPhone app update that TripIt released on September 16, 2013, you can swipe left or right to view the previous or upcoming portions of your itinerary. The car rental pickup location is shown on a Google Map, which has become the default for maps and directions.

After picking up your car, you can open TripIt’s updated app, swipe the screen toward the right and view the information about your hotel reservation.

The TripIt iPhone app shows the location of your hotel on a Google Map.

You can swipe toward the right again in the TripIt iPhone app, and view your upcoming car rental reservation for a future trip.

The TripIt app is all about organizing your wanderings, and an update it just released for its free app makes it easier to navigate around the app itself between current or upcoming trips.

In the gallery above, you’ll see what TripIt calls its new “card view” to navigate within or between trips. Just swipe left or right, and you can see your previous or upcoming hotel or car rental reservation. And, swipe back to view all your trip cards in one place.

The card view is a big departure from the clunky lists that TripIt used to display itinerary components and trips when it launched the first TripIt app in 2009.

Other tweaks to this week’s app update include a flatter design and making Google Maps the default for maps and directions, TripIt says.

TripIt also upgraded its TripIt Pro app, making notifications easier to read, the company says.

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