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Travelzoo Goes After Hotel Bookers Who Aren’t Necessarily Spontaneous

Travelzoo wants to give the people what they want -- and to get more involved in the lucrative hotel-booking business. In this case, Travelzoo is sourcing hotel deals for days that work for the less-spontaneous traveler.

6 months ago

Travelzoo CEO Steps Down and Chairman Assumes Role

Outgoing CEO Chris Loughlin is the fall guy in this CEO shuffle. Although a public and "controlled" company, nothing happens at Travelzoo without the approval of founder and current chief talent officer Ralph Bartel.

1 year ago

Travelzoo Reacquires Its Asia-Pacific Business From Founder for $22.6 Million

With Ralph Bartel of Travelzoo essentially buying back his Asia-Pacific business at a huge profit, Travelzoo instantly becomes more global as it tries to build out its hotel-booking business.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads this Week: Booking Sites Get Cheeky

Videos are just like digital ads, they need to be tailored to specific audiences by interest and purchase behavior.

1 year ago

Travelzoo Takes Campaign to NYC Subways to Get Deal Newsletter Sign-Ups

It's hard to determine a return on investment on a subway campaign but tagging photos and uploading them to social media, as well as actual newsletter sign-ups, gives Travelzoo metrics to consider.

1 year ago

Travelzoo’s Hotel Transformation Is Slow and Painful

The advantage that Travelzoo has that other new entrants in hotel booking don't is those 24.5 million registered members/newsletter subscribers. If Travelzoo can tweak its hotel booking engine and get it going, then at least it already has an audience.

2 years ago

Travelzoo Calls in the Reinforcements as a Veteran Exec Leaves

This hotel stuff really isn't easy, and Travelzoo isn't the ideal candidate to start such a business from scratch. Travelzoo does, however, have 24.2 million newsletter subscribers, and that's a valuable asset.

2 years ago

LivingSocial CEO Steps Down as Weekend Getaways, Daily Deals Slow

Groupon and LivingSocial blew up the business of deals -- just ask Travelzoo. Now people are trying to figure out how to put it back together.

3 years ago

Smartphones and Tablets Force Travelzoo to Rethink Its Business

Travelzoo bought the Fly.com domain for $1.8 million in 2009, and hasn't taken advantage of what should have been a great brand. Travelzoo isn't alone at this early stage in feeling that the the mobile revolution, while rife with opportunity, hasn't exactly been a windfall.

3 years ago

Best U.S. Travel Companies to Work For in 2014

At minimum, these featured companies get a press release out of it, touting their rankings. There are many more travel companies in U.S. that at some point could make for a comprehensive and dedicated sector ranking.

3 years ago

Fly.com Revenue Falls As Parent Company Travelzoo Tries to Find its Focus

What's in a name? When it comes to Fly.com, there's plenty, but parent company Travelzoo has been asleep at the wheel, and could have been doing a lot more with its Fly.com assets.

3 years ago

Deal Publisher Travelzoo In Profit Plunge as It Tries to Diversify

Will Travelzoo's entry into hotel booking be too little, too late? The deal publisher has a huge subscriber base to market to once the hotel-booking engine is in place, but competition is intense.

3 years ago