Syria Turns to Domestic Tourism After Nearly 4 Years of Civil War

Syria has a wealth of historic attractions and UNESCO-designated sites. Sadly, the majority of them have been damaged by the ongoing civil war.

Despite 3-Year Civil War, Syrian Leaders Optimistic About Tourism Investment

Syria's neighbors have seen their tourism activity decline because of its civil war. Maybe they can explain to Syria why this optimism is unfounded.

3 Years of Civil War Have Devastated Syria’s Tourism Industry

Syria is hoping that it can bounce back after this conflict, unlike regional peers such as Iraq or event Egypt have still not managed to do.

Airline Startup Is Betting on Tourism Coming Back to Syria

Is Syria ready for a new airline? No.

Beirut’s Tourism Industry Continues to Suffer From Syrian War

From a war next door to tight visa requirements, Lebanon has the makings of a country that will continue to have challenges attracting visitors.

67 Endangered Tourist Sites Identified in World Monuments Fund’s Biannual List

The list includes some surprising landmarks including the St. Louis Gateway Arch and a New Jersey Park whose livelihood is as much at risk due to erosion and overdevelopment as historic sites in Syria and Burma.

Syria’s Domino Effect on the Region’s Tourism

With the exception of Jordan, the countries hit hardest by the Syrian crisis are the rare destinations that have both a democracy and secular leadership.

U.S. State Department Urges American Citizens, Diplomats to Leave Lebanon

Recreational travel to many countries in the Middle East including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt should be postponed for the unforeseeable future as uncertain political events could keep the U.S. from quickly assisting citizens.

Airlines Modify Flight Routes Amid Developments in Syria

Air France is probably one of many airlines rerouting to avoid Syria; at this point, doing anything else would be irresponsible.