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Moody’s Says That the Olympics Won’t Help Brazil’s Economy Much

Rare is the big event that makes money for the people who live in the destination where it takes place. To do so requires long-term thinking and tourism development rather than immediate gratification, which is a problem for many cities.

5 months ago

New Zealand Looks to Golf Tourism to Boost Foreign Visitation

Even to a non golfer, those rolling green hills are attractive. And its smart for NZ to diversify its activities.

8 months ago

Tokyo Puts a Number on It Expectations for Olympic Tourism Impact

Japan needs its tourism board to stop being so bureaucratic and political and turn this into a marketing opportunity worthy of one of the world's best cities.

10 months ago

Qatar Airways Enlists FC Barcelona for Its New In-Flight Safety Video

Have we reached peak safety video?

10 months ago

Football Icon Ronaldo Invests $40 Million in Boutique Hotel Company

More footballers should invest in the travel industry. Maybe even band together and buy an airline (or two).

10 months ago

Florida Football Tourism Generated $35 Million on One Weekend

The value of college football to tourism revenues in the southeast United States cannot be underestimated.

11 months ago

Bahamas Finds Success Creating a Sports Tourism Event

Events and sports are rarely a sure win, but the event at Atlantis in the Bahamas has the right mix of timing and publicity to make it worth the effort.

11 months ago

Manny Pacquiao Sings Praises of Google Street View for Philippines Tourism

Every country needs a tourism ambassador like Manny Pacquiao who just won't stop talking about how great the destination is, no matter the context.

1 year ago

Visit Florida Sponsors a London Football Club for Its Next Marketing Push

Emirates has its name on Arsenal, FC Milan, Real Madrid and more teams, but Visit Florida is pretty sure sponsoring on a much smaller, targeted level can help it fill a few places with Londoners on a regular basis.

1 year ago

Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Is Turning Into Bad News for Vegas Hotels

Boxing spectacles are perhaps the only thing that can make Vegas gaming look honest in comparison.

1 year ago

Sporting Events Fuel Tampa’s Tourism Sector Success

Warm weather, the right kinds of venues, and a reputation for hosting sporting events has made the destination a top choice for professional and amateur teams.

2 years ago

Boston’s Olympic Future Grows Dim for the 2024 Games

Not that we have a horse in the race, but Philly would have been a much better choice.

2 years ago