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Increasing Traveler Engagement One Game at a Time

10 months ago

Visualizing Chinese New Year Travel Via Smartphone Tracking

What tourism board wouldn't maim a person for data like this.

2 years ago

Technology and In-Flight Entertainment Make Flyers Happy

As evidence that technology improves the travel experience mounts, passengers will become more open to sharing their data and interacting with advanced devices that inform and improve their air travel experience.

2 years ago

Miami International Airport Makes Commitment to Beacon Technology

Anything that gets tourists to beaches faster should be good. We expect Mojito or Caipirinha finder apps will soon follow.

2 years ago

Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Bad to Bring Devices on Vacation

Everybody needs to take time to unplug from the constant communication made possible with mobile devices, but that requires consciously setting aside time for meditation and adventure -- not chaining ourselves to a regressive view of technology.

2 years ago

Priceline Survey Reveals Too Much Information About Travel Searches

If the Priceline.com survey on mobile booking patterns is to be believed, then apps such as HotelTonight, which streamline mobile bookings into a handful of taps, could make mobile bookings safer if they reduce users' bumps and falls.

2 years ago

25 Mobile Travel Data Points To Start Your Week

Expect lots of investments from brands large and small to happen over the next few years, as new mobile booking experiences as-yet-undreamt will crop up, and change consumer behavior all over again.

2 years ago

The Real-Time Flight Updates Coming to Flyers’ Mobile Devices

Privacy, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest obstacles that airports and airlines must consider in their efforts to personalize passengers' updates in an effort to boost their bottom line.

3 years ago

The New Ruling That Will Completely Change How Mobile Phones Are Used in Europe

This will be a game changer for existing travel companies built on mobile as well as open the door to new startups now unburdened by the roaming fee bogeyman.

3 years ago

Native Apps Vs. the Mobile Web: What Works in Mobile Booking

3 years ago

Southwest CEO: We Won’t Permit In-Flight Phone Calls

If the FCC approves in-flight phone calls, then at least U.S. airlines will be able to determine for themselves what the policy should be.

3 years ago

Should In-Flight Calling Be Decided by the FCC or the Airlines?

Is the passenger in the middle seat on your flight going to be talking endlessly on his or her Samsung Galaxy given international roaming rates of $1 to $2 per minute? Doubtful. Foreign airlines' flights that allow voice calls average just five or six calls per flight, with an average duration of a couple of minutes per call. Are opponents making too much noise about the issue? Could be.

3 years ago