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The New Perks at Ski Resorts This Season

Luxury travel consumers are eager for more high-touch experiences as luxury spending continues to rise worldwide.

10 months ago

The Complicated Pricing Ruling U.S. Ski Slopes This Winter

Lift ticket prices exist to make airline ticket pricing seem sane.

11 months ago

Snowboarders in Legal and Culture Clash To Fight Ban at Utah Ski Resort

Some of my best friends are snowboarders. Ski resort snobs should take off their polarized lenses and let them in.

1 year ago

Vail Closes Deal to Buy Australian Ski Resort for $135 Million

Vail continues its domination of the winter sports market.

1 year ago

Extreme Skiing Is Steeped in Existential Challenges

The birthplace of extreme skiing is "crazy steep" and challenging, and that's why its adherents keep coming back.

1 year ago

The Super Wealthy Have a Super Exclusive Way to Get to Swiss Skiing

We sometimes have challenges finding room for the Skift jet when we go skiing in the Alps. Actually, what we meant to say is that sometimes we loose our Metrocard when riding the subway.

2 years ago

Ski Resorts Are Looking to Diversify Their Offerings

Cross country skiing is just like downhill skiing, if downhill skiing was dreadful hard work and boring.

2 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: Building the Winter Resort of the Future

The ski travel market has been behind the curve compared to the broader travel market, but with recent investments in back-end technology and the embrace of a dynamic pricing marketplace, it is poised to leapfrog and nurture innovations that will enhance the quality of the experience.

2 years ago

Ski Vacations Gain Popularity With Growing Chinese Elite

Every tourism sector wants to benefit from the enormous outbound Chinese market; however, it can take several years of raising activity and destination awareness before a demographic latches onto a new kind of trip.

2 years ago

Las Vegas Ski Resort Ready to Open, Just Needs Snow

In related news, the Nebraska surfing competition is simply waiting for the waves to start before it begins its inaugural season.

2 years ago

Vail’s Ambition Extends to Utah With $182.5 Million Park City Purchase

Vail is slowly building up the largest portfolio of skiing destinations on the U.S.

2 years ago

The Ski Instructors One Swiss Town Uses to Lure Chinese Visitors

This is a smart and rather cheap way to help people fee comfortable in their surroundings.

3 years ago