Sidecar Calls It Quit Amidst Multi-Billion Dollar Competitors Uber and Lyft

When you're up against unicorns the challenge is steep if you're competing on price or coverage, two things that you can't win on.

Uber Model for Flight-Sharing Struck Down by Federal Court

We love disruptive businesses, but unless they have deep, deep pockets the sin first, ask forgiveness later approach isn't a winning strategy.

What Hotels Say About Airbnb on Their Earnings Calls

Airbnb: potential distribution partner or industry threat? Some hotel companies and booking sites say neither, while others are keeping a watchful eye on both the positive and negative effects Airbnb may create.

The Mounting Risks Behind Uber’s Ambitious Plan for World Domination

With globalization comes huge opportunities, but also challenges on every single front, even if you're quick to the game. And with services that can be replicated locally (sometimes better), the challenges are even more acute.

Israel Has a Hippie Version of Uber That Thinks It Understands Sharing

The real sharing economy from the land of the kibbutz.

New Trends Report: The Vacation Rental Technology Ecosystem

With technology innovation and a thriving online distribution landscape, vacation rental owners are taking their businesses to new heights. Technology is revolutionizing the vacation rental at a multitude of touchpoints.

Massachusetts Attorney General Examining Uber and Lyft’s Disability Efforts

We're eager to see Uber, Lyft and their sharing economy peers like Airbnb meet the accessibility standards that other businesses are required to abide by.

Candidate Clinton Questions Quality of On-Demand Economy Jobs

Agreed: There are some fun things about making money from Airbnb and Uber, but it's no way to make a living — unless you're an executive or early stage investor at either one.

Uber Seeks to Redefine ‘Employees’ in Legal Test for On-Demand Economy

Drivers must play a delicate game to stay employed by any of the on-demand car services and the consequences of failing are worse than any other loss typical contract workers feel since the marketplace is so limited.

Why Big Hotel Brands Need to Act More Like Airbnb

Big brand hotels have evolved a long way to being more locally connected, but they should look toward the sharing brands to align themselves better with guest expectations.