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Rental car exec is very happy about his industry’s mergers and rising prices

Airline and car rental mergers may be good for the largest companies in their respective industries, but they usually mean price increases for travelers, as AvisBudget attests to.

4 years ago

Expedia is worried about the 21 class-action lawsuits it’s facing

If you don't think Expedia and other online travel agencies are worried about this one, guess again. Laws in Europe and the U.S. over rate parity issues vary, but adverse rulings could really shake things up.

4 years ago

U.S. travel spending slowed growth in second quarter

Travel and tourism spending by consumers and suppliers in the second quarter grew a bit faster than gross domestic product, but the growth rate for travel and tourism spending fell harder than the GDP growth rate when measured against their respective increases in the first quarter.

4 years ago